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Shadows cinema: new Spring season

October 26, 2011

One of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets… until now. Underground Melbourne are determined to make sure there’s not a spare seat in the house.  Check out the spring season!


Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011 – Date now announced

August 21, 2011

Finally! we have the date for the 2011 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle.  And what better day to make like the undead than Halloween 2011.

Here are the announced details:

Melbourne’s biggest annual gathering of the undead. What do we want? BRAINS!When do we want it? BRAINS!

Ready your finest gore, the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011 is GO! Check back regularly for updated information, but for now, mark Sunday 30th October – aka Halloween Eve – from 1:00pm – 4:30pm in your zombie diary!


Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

We will be meeting in Carlton Gardens at 1pm, then leaving at 2pm heading along La Trobe St, Exhibition St, Bourke St Mall, Swanston St, across the bridge at Fed Square and finishing in Alexandra Gardens.

More information via their FACEBOOK


Dine Out and Help out… a Christmas initiative with the blessings of Stephen Fry

November 11, 2010

Between now and Christmas 2010 Street Smart Australia are running a ‘Dine Out, Help Out’ campaign with hundreds of participating restaurants around Australia.  A small donation added on to your bill goes directly to projects to help combat homelessness in Australia, constructively.

It’s an easy way to spread some Christmas cheer to those least likely to have much of their own.

At the very least, check out the Streetsmart Australia website and see what you think of their campaigns and projects.  We are living in a time when we can’t expect our Government to assist the poor, and certainly not to effectively address the social and economic issues that leave people  homeless. As sad as that is.  This is one way of looking at solutions, and worth at least your consideration if not your support this Christmas.

**I would like to stress that this blog has no involvement with Streetsmart Australia, but certainly endorses conscious Christmas spending :)**


Sweet Streets Stencil Art Festival, 8 – 24 October 2010

September 28, 2010

It’s always interesting when the underground somehow makes the establishment… and you wonder what is lost and what is gained in that transaction.  That’s certainly the case when it comes to street art.  I remember a conversation on a train, a couple of years ago, between two stencil friends, one of whom was a stencil artist.  Another friend was currently serving time for his public defacement of buldings – ie stencilling.  However, this same friend’s work had just appeared in a new Melbourne City Council approved book on Melbourne’s stencil art.  There’s the rub, don’t you think?  Especially with this medium – people can endorse the product, legitimised and comodified, made respectable, but not the method, or the medium.  It’s an interesting tension.

And where better to ponder the issue than at a Stencil Art Festival like Sweet Streets.

From their website:

Welcome to Sweet Streets 2010, proudly presented by Melbourne Stencil Festival in conjunction with the City of Yarra & 3RRR.  Our festival celebrates & embraces the diversity of street art. Discover why Melbourne has a global reputation for these art forms through our extensive list of events, and happenings which will take you on an unforgettable journey that you will want to share with all of your friends. Our sponsor partners & wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, artists &  supporters are proud to present a dynamic and diverse 16 day festival (8 – 24 October 2010) which showcases the very best of contemporary urban and street art culture.

The calendar of events is here:

With the opening and awards show happening at 1000 pound bend on October 8th.  More info here:


SWAP LAND – CLOTHES SWAP/PICNIC! Sunday August 1st, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden

July 8, 2010

Tired of trawling the Op Shops only to find that some lightening-fast Vintage Shop has got their jammy digits in there first, taking the 1950s two piece mohair suits and sixties smart mod dresses, leaving you to rifle through the late eighties stained shell-suit collection?  Yeah, me too.  Well this could be the answer – one big glorious clothing Swap Meet! No money changes hands, meet other fans of vintage shopping and all in DIY community style.  Brilliant!

The Swap Meet crew supplied information as follows:

It’s time to bring the Swap Land community together, and cut out the middle man. Swap Land presents the first (we hope, of many) clothes swap picnic.

What happens? Bring clothes or accessories you don’t want any more (clean and in wearable condition, please…if tattiness is actually part of their charm, fine, but please bring stuff you think other people would actually want). They’ll go into a central “pool”, and if you bring stuff, you can take home other stuff. It’s that simple. If you want to bring fancier/more expensive stuff, and barter for it one-on-one, that’s fine, but we do ask that you bring something for the central bank.

What to bring: Clothes, of course, but we’d love to make a day of it, so bring picnic food/drinks, and a blanket. We’d absolutely love it if (in the spirit of the day) you could bring something communal, so we can share treats as well as clothes, but it’s not mandatory. If you have a spare picnic blanket we could use to put the clothes on (we may need a few!), that would be wonderful – you’ll get it back when you go!

Clothing will range from alternative through to the usual stuff and possibly some baby clothes for the new families out there. We may try to ‘file’ it into rough categories if there’s enough.

Where is it? In the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, in King’s Domain. If you haven’t already discovered this little gem, it’s just near the Myer Music Bowl. There’s a link with directions, here:

And a map, here:

Easy access by public transport, nice and secluded. If it looks like the weather’s going to be disgusting, we will send a message to all attendees and arrange an alternative venue or date.

When is it? Sunday, August 1st, from 2pm onwards.


Der Raum – Winter 2010 Cocktails… dinner and dessert in a glass

June 17, 2010

From coffee science to cocktail science:  Matthew Bax’s extraordinary boundary-pushing cocktail den needs very little introduction.  Still sporting the same dark, haphazard look, the same massive Absinthe list, and the same gung-ho approach to pushing the definition and rituals of what we call ‘drinking’,  the Winter 2010 cocktail menu looks just delicious.  And intriguing.  From bunsen burners, smoke machines, dry ice, jam jars, beakers, freeze dried liqueurs, wood smoke:  you really never know what will greet you when you order a cocktail at Der Raum!  And that is part of the excitment: not just ‘will it taste amazing’ but ‘what visual treat am I in for?’ or ‘what odd implement will I need to utilise?’

Read all about Der Raum on their site here, but in the meantime, take a look at what is in store for Winter!


Der Raum Winter Collection

Following a brief dalliance with Autumn, the Der Raum teams attention has now turned to Winter with owner/executive bartender Matthew Bax recently hosting a month of creative sessions filled with flavour profiles from the darker, more warming end of the cocktail spectrum.

For your consideration…

Saffron Sake. Dubonet. Pressed Citrus. Palm Syrup.
Artisanal Winter Aromatics.
Gentle reassurance for those who got the cards, but not the luck

Elijah Craig. Lemon. Bittermens Mole Bitters. Cabernet & Sweet Port Fog.
A progressive interpretation of the famed New York Sour

Roast Butternut Pumpkin Rum. Spiced Ginger Gel. Maple Syrup. Port. Angostura Orange Bitters.
Roasted savoury aromas paired to sweetly spiced highlights.

Compass Box Asyla. Thyme. Palm Sugar. Almond & Dark Chocolate
Terra Firma.
Earthen aromas conjuring the winter soil

El Senorio Joven. Luxardo. Spiced Dark Chocolate. Chilli. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Hot White Chocolate & Tequila Foam.
A nitro whisked tribute to the Oaxaca desert chocolateatole


They also run Degustations:

July Cocktail Degustation.
Monday 26th July, 8:00pm onwards. MTS members $65, Guests $90.

With our degustation evenings acting as an invaluable tool in our development process, we are delighted to announce our upcoming July event.

Displaying our constantly progressive techniques and presentations, the evening aims to allow guests an intimate insight into our award winning bar teams’ ongoing evolution.
With tickets always in high demand, pre-bookings are essential. Please call (03) 9428 0055 or email:

Contact details: 438 Church St, Richmond, VIC  ph. (03) 94280055

Open Mon -Sun 5pm – 1am


Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival, July 2010

June 9, 2010

Liquid Architecture Festival is once more nearly upon us, with its usual diverse range of artists, spaces, media and performance.  This year, the focus seems to be on Australian artists, rather than importing a bunch of intriguing internationals, with just a smattering of imports including Japan’s KK Null.  The festival doesn’t suffer a whit from being more localised, though:  we have an astonishing amount of talent here in our own front, back and side yards.  What better way to get yourself acquainted with some of our most intriguing sonic ambassadors like Robin Fox, Snawklor, Matt Tierney and many more.

This year’s line up is available at the Liquid Architecture website:

and includes the following events:

01.07.2010 – 17.07.2010 Exhibition @ West Space West Space Gallery Melbourne
01.07.2010 – 17.07.2010 ‘constellation’ exhibition with performance interruptions @ Red Gallery, Melbourne Red Gallery Fitzroy North, Melbourne
01.07.2010 Concert One @ 3RRR Melbourne 3RRR Performance Space Brunswick East
02.07.2010 Artist talk by Lionel Marchetti @ West Space West Space Gallery Melbourne
02.07.2010 Concert Two @ 3RRR Melbourne 3RRR Performance Space Brunswick East
06.07.2010 – 17.07.2010 The Sound Playground Exhibition @ fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne fortyfivedownstairs Melbourne
09.07.2010 – 11.07.2010 Chronox installation @ Tape Projects, Melbourne Tape Projects Space Melbourne

Robin Boyd Open Houses 2010 -limited places remain

June 2, 2010

Another Melbourne Open House scheme… for the curious and the architecturally interested.  Word has it there are some limited places left in the Robin Boyd Open Houses 2010 programme for houses designed by Boyd and colleagues including:

Recent Award Winning Houses Sunday August 15

Each year the Australian Institute of Architects recognise and celebrate the best designed buildings of the preceding year. The Robin Boyd Foundation will host a public open day of 5 award winning and shortlisted houses from the Institute’s Victorian Chapter Residential Buildings award category.

Full details to be advised in July

Harold Desbrowe Annear Sunday November 14

In his first book Victorian Modern published in 1949 Boyd wrote ‘Harold Desbrowe Annear was the first Australian-born to produce original architecture, a big bluff, hearty architect, who knew what he wanted, and saw that his clients got it.’

This open day will include 5 houses designed by Annear including ‘Chadwick House’ recently restored by Peter and Jane Crone.

Full details to be advised in October

Some detail on Robin Boyd here:

Robin Boyd CBE (1919-1971) was a renowned Victorian architect, author, critic, and public educator in the 50s and 60s, a leader in Melbourne’s Modern Architecture movement, a visionary in urban design and outspoken on the ‘Australian Identity’.

He was a member of the talented Boyd family which, among others, included the novelist Martin Boyd and the painter Arthur Boyd.

Robin Boyd was not only a great architect who was passionate about good design and whose influence extended internationally – but he also ardently shared his ideas with the wider public, not just within the design community. Above all Boyd was committed to an educated nation, to the establishment of innovative ideas as a way of living in an informed Australia.

Boyd is arguably the most influential architect there has been in Australia. Through his writings Boyd inspired the general community and through his architecture he has become an acknowledged leader in the design and architectural professions.

“The best way to learn about design and to appreciate design – is to experience good design for yourself”

The Robin Boyd Foundation hosts a regular series of public open days in privately owned homes.These open days will provide a unique opportunity for people to view and experience the design qualities of some outstanding buildings.

The Open days include buildings designed by Robin Boyd together with the work of Boyd’s colleagues and contemporaries, the work of Architects whose work Boyd admired; and the work of recent and currently practicing Architects whose work continues to demonstrate the benefits of good design.

Check out their website for the full programme and current available places.


Melbourne Open Buildings – get involved! 24 – 25 July 2010

June 2, 2010

Every year, some of Melbourne’s most amazing buildings open their secret recesses for the public, but just for one day!  It’s easy to miss out on seeing some of the most intriguing architecture and subterranean design our city has to offer.  I, myself, often miss my coveted building due to being behind-the-times and johnny-come-too-lately.  Not this year!  and nor should you.

Bookmark Open House week and register on their website, or even literally get civic and volunteer some time. Follow the progress of this year’s announcements on their Twitter.

Definitely a unique and fascinating point in Melbourne’s annual calendar of way-too-much-cool-stuff.  So, this year, get into it. :)


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