Victorian Gothic

December 22, 2007
vic gothic
After having moved around a few times, Victorian Gothic has made a home for itself for the last couple of years in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.  Situated somewhat incongruously opposite the Housing Commission Flats at the Less Fashionable End of Brunner, Victorian Gothic is a haven of all things mesh, pvc, lace and above all, black.  Like a complete marketplace unto itself, you can walk into Victorian Gothic and come out with  a dress, boots, a cape, an umbrella, makeup, a bag, jewellery and a ticket to a gig where you can parade your new finery.  
Some of the great things about Victorian Gothic are: unlike many ‘gothic’ emporia of the 21st century, this one has stayed true to the roots of gothic couture/accessories.  While emo/metal fans can find basic staples like black trousers or a tartan kilt, Vic Gothic hasn’t compromised the more outrageous facets of gothic – you can still find your bat or spider ring, jacket with heavy rings and studs, black lace umbrella – even peacock feathers.  They’re certainly not catering for alterna-lite as their main crowd and are all the more eccentric and beloved for it.  So if Morticia Adams or Siouxsie Sue are your heroines and Pinhead or Dracula your heroes you’ll find really well made fineries here.  
My favourite items on the shelf: the black peacock feathers and well made tartan skirts.  Special mention also goes to the gothic jewellery – from the top shelf $$ end for the artistically minded, you can support local artisans here.  At the other end of the spectrum there’s the dark campery of gothic bling. 
A special mention also goes to Jacquie aka Sparkarella (burlesque performer extraordinaire) who can be found charming the pants off customers and bloggers alike a few days a week.
102 Gertrude St

Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia

+61 3 9416 1777 



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