Barricade Books – watch this space

January 5, 2008


Word on the street – and on their online site – is that beauteous bastion of regional radicalism Barricade Bookshop (website)  is soon about to open up again.

  Having spent a action packed few years upsetting enemies-of-thought in Sydney Road, Brunswick and then a stint at the fabulous Irene Warehouse, Barricade went underground, and possibly under, for over a year in 2006.   Therefore, for lovers of political books  it is quite something to rejoice that Barricade will be back, as there is no Melbourne bookshop better stocked with political philosophy and the occasional odd radical extremist pamphlet or two.  Barricade specialisies in less-covered political theories (including numerous strands of anarchism) and political zines, badges and tshirts  and is a discounter for local radio station 3cr.   

It’s a fine cause, freedom of thought, and Barricade has braved all criticism and the ravages of commercial rentals to keep bringing us their haven of multi stranded manifestos.  There’s no information so far as to exactly when, but they will certainly advertise on their website when they are about to reopen.   In the meantime, something you might not know: they’ve got an online shop  for anyone who just MUST read about politics right. now.   You can also join a politics discussion group or two through the website.

 The best thing about Barricade: well, considering the new shop hasn’t opened, it’s difficult to judge.  But, frankly, one of the best things about Barricade as an entity is its’ tenacity and continued belief in providing radical philosophies and supporting freedom of thought. 

The downside: well, they’re not open again yet, so it’s difficult to know, really!    



  1. It’s hard to enough to make indie bookstores work in a marketplace monopolized by big, box stores…but then you throw in a political component–well. I wish Barricade all the best and hope it somehow manages to find a niche and hang in there. We need voices that veer from the mainstream, tributaries that introduce ideas, theories, personalities, the hidden histories you’ll never read about in the establishment press…

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the plug. The collective is meeting regularly and we will be re-opening soon in a new space in the northern suburbs. The new space is much bigger than our old space at Irene, and thus has room not only for the infoshop and offices but also for film screenings, gigs, meetings, workshops etc. There’s also a kitchen, and of course we will also be re-establishing our library in the new space. Given that we have very little money, and rely on volunteer labour, all of these things take time, but in the end we hope it will be worthwhile.


    The Ghost of Chummy Fleming // Barricade.

  3. we are re-opening. our new location is 62 st georges rd northcote. there’s a sale on saturday, september 13 @ 5pm…

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