Victor’s Bar- Drummond Street, Carlton

February 17, 2008

What do Siegfried and Roy, Liberace , Burlesque and Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh have in common?

 The over-the-top love of glitz and a camp theatricality which dominates any screen or room they happen to inhabit.  Well, all of these characters – and possibly you too – would feel right at home at Victor’s in Drummond Street, Carlton.Part 20s cabaret salon, part reject-sets from a Fellini film, part props from a Las Vegas casino, Victor’s is a sight to behold.  In fact, it’s almost too much to behold at once, with Betty Boop, De Lempika prints, rococco chandeliers even Franco Cozzo couldn’t dream up, statuery only at home in a Las Vegas showgirl set or a Siegfried and Roy spectacular, over the top mirrors, zebra print, flock wallpaper,  mauve homoerotic grecian prints Uncle Monty from Withnail would be proud of… you name it: if it’s camp, glitzy, ribald, kitsch, burlesque and loud Victor’s may well have it adorning the walls.

Billed on their brochure as ‘brought to you by Victor La Greca, the founder of Melbourne’s famous Hypdrome Night Club in King Street’,  Victor’s is a late night place, open until midnight at least on Friday and Saturday nights, so the perfect place to land after a movie or dinner in Lygon Street to get your fix of eye candy (of a sort) plus whet your whistle with a coffee or alcoholic beverage of choice.   I was quite impressed by the quality of their caffeine (their short black passed my exacting standards) but havent’ explored the alcoholic menu. I was too busy admiring the grecian ‘frieze’ of young naked lads climbing into the boat complete with pert painted cheeks.   The other patrons varied from the italian nuovo-riche to studenty looking young couples. Myself and my coffee-trialing partner in crime both gave the thumbs up to the decor, the coffee, the service (a charmer on bar, I must say) and also to the World History Encyclopaedia set which awaited our attention. 

The best thing about Victor’s: it is totally unique. So much so that it seems noone has adequately captured it on camera (although I will keep looking for shots of it, I suggest you pay a visit yourself. No mere photo could do it justice.

The downside: sometimes one is only in the mood for something this garish in the wee hours: closing at midnight is indeed generous compared to some cafe’s but I would be pushing for a 3am close.

 Details:Victor’s  on Drummond:  303 Drummond Street Calton. ph  9347 1811. No website.

BONUS SCORE: The as yet unrated Victors 2 on Faraday Street!  188 Faraday Street, Carlton 03 9349 1111 



  1. Just the place for time out from reality.There is something to see everywhere.The eye roams constantly on entering and there is so much to process that a drink and sit-down are imperative.The mood is wonderfully set.Excellent coffee is served.

  2. Dear Victor

    Ciao victor sono Marco, ci siamo conosciuti al “Canneto“ in Stroboli l`estate scorsa, ti avevo detto che sarei venuto in Melbourne, mi trovo qui da 8 mesi, sono venuto piu` volte nel tuo bar ma non ti ho mai trovato, mi farebbe piacere incontrarti…
    il mio mobile e` 0449633265
    spero ti ricordi di me e spero inoltre di incontrarti presto
    Marco Munafo`

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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