Robin Fox’s Laser show @ Toff Tues March 18

March 14, 2008

not much notice about this event, but no less interesting for it.

 I found this on a very worth melbourne blog Experimental Melbourne:

Maximum Arousal Tues Mar 18 – Cor Fuhler (Holland) w/Ambarchi/Avenaim + Robin Fox!

The Toff – 252 Swanston St. Melbourne
COR FUHLER (Holland)/OREN AMBARCHI/ROBBIE AVENAIM TRIO and ROBIN FOX’S MULTI LASER EXTRAVAGANZAMore than any other instrument, the piano has a sound, a history and a repertoire that can easily overwhelm a player’s individuality. How many times have you seen someone sit down and put his or her fingers to the keyboard only to hear a generic “piano” sound that turns the music into so much sonic whitewash? Dutchman Cor Fuhler seeks to take this classic instrument beyond our usual perceptions to another level entirely, specializing in sustained sounds thru the use of various string stimulators. Fuhler’s playing can evoke a gamelan ensemble, tone generators, percussion and strings with extensive use of electronics, such is the variety of his sounds. Tonight Fuhler will perform in trio with renowned Australian artists Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim.

Also appearing is Robin Fox in a rare multi-laser performance. A Fox laser show envelops the audience in synchronous sound and light information, the experience resembles a synaesthetic experience where what you hear is also what you see. The same electricity generated to move the speaker cones is sent simultaneously to high-speed motors that deflect the laser light on an x/y axis converting sonic vibration into light movement. Always mindblowing & not to be missed!!!

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