Esoteric Bookshop – 471 Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena VIC

March 19, 2008


 Murrumbeena hardly counts as Melbourne: closer to outer suburbs bordering country Victoria! Nevertheless, the longstanding Esoteric Bookshop definitely rates a big Underground Melbourne mention.  Formerly housed in a tucked-away arcade in Camberwell, a couple of years ago the Esoteric Bookshop picked up its’ bedknobs and broomsticks and relocated out in Murumbeena.  A veritable stalwart of the Melbourne pagan/alternative communities, David and the Esoteric Bookshop crew have been providing everything a seeker of underground ideas could want from tarot to talismans, books of shadows to black robes, altars to agates and everything in between for at least the last ten years, perhaps longer.  

 Pagan centric, but generally encouragers of anyone with an open and seeking mind, the good people at the Esoteric Bookshop are always generous with their advice, and also offer the services of a tarot reader for the confused destiny seeker.  They also hold classes and meets in their wild and fertile back garden, offering a meeting place and the chance to learn some skills for the wanna blessed-be to the gently curious and even the coven-converts. They have an online site where one can browse the extensive book and accessory catalogues, or find out about the latest meets.

The best thing about the Esoteric Bookshop: the eclectic range of books, collectables, charms, intriguing objects and of course the bright and eclectic staff and customers one can meet in there.  

The downside: could it be any FURTHER from the city>>>>>????

The Esoteric Bookshop
471 Neerim RoadMurrumbeena  Victoria, Australia  3163Telephone : +61 3 9530 4843Email info@esotericbookshop.com.au 



  1. Murrumbeena? Who’da thunk.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am the General Manager of JuMi Books, and I thought you may be interested in stocking our new exciting release: Evolution of the Vampire: The Australian Story. The Beginning (see my website for the synposis, critiques and for more information), by author Juliet Peniston-Bird. In brief, she has recreated the vampire for the people of the twenty first century and done an Australian vampire mythology based on ‘fact’. We had the book launch at Dymocks Booksellers at Collins Place on October the 16th which was very successful! I may be contacted on my email (listed above) or on my mobile: 0411 208 361. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Sincerley,
    Michael Damjanovski.
    JuMi Books.

  3. Great write-up, but could you be any more inner-city centric?

    “could it be any FURTHER from the city>>>>>????”

    Well, yeah, it could. Murrumbeena is a whole 15kms from the CBD, just past Caulfield – I drove there from St Kilda last week in under ten minutes. Hardly the “outer suburbs, bordering on country Victoria”…

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