McIvers Coffee Merchants, Queen Victoria Markets, City

May 2, 2008

A quick homage to my favourite coffee grinder: McIvers @ the Queen Victoria Markets. 

A huge range of teas, including some odd herbal teas, plus a highly eccentric array of tea and coffee pots for sale. Some need to be seen to be appreciated but odd shapes, sizes and artwork are promised.

The essential purchase for me at McIvers is the organic fair trade coffee: being socially aware never tasted so good as the Papua New Guinean dark organic fair trade roast.   It is one of the most full bodied, piquant and yet not overly astringent coffees I’ve had the pleasure and luck to savour.

And excellent news for the remote and or the slothful: McIvers are now on line and you can order coffee drect from them via paypal.  It doesn’t have the sensory magic of choosing your grind type and smelling the coffee as it is bagged for you, but certainly provides a solution for those who can’t or don’t make it to town. 

The downside: they don’t serve coffee, just grind it.  You’ll have to wait until you get home to find out how good it really tastes. 


Shop 101/102 Dairy Produce Hall (on Therry St.)
Queen Victoria Market
Melbourne 3000

Ph: +61 3 9329 8911
Fax: +61 3 9600 9078




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