Fabians Maps – 309 Swanston Street, Melbourne

July 2, 2008

I was all champing and bittish about to write a low-down for the iconic Fabians Maps in Swanston Street, when I found out that nifty culture mag online Three Thousand has just done so a matter of two to three days ago! Rather than resist the obviously robust collective unconscious, we here at Underground Melbourne decided to direct you to their brief but fine coverage of this glorious shop.

What we will add is that Fabians has been in the same shop on Swanston Street for as long as this writer can remember, his haphazard scrawl indicating the maps and paraphernalia located within the dark hall at the back of the shop.  What was once a clothing shop at the front currently stands empty, except for Fabian’s curiously arrayed selection of books and chairs, making a haphazard stab at an Edwarding Drawing Room set from a school play. 

Fabians is a Melbourne institution: as indeed is Mr Fabian himself!  Make sure you drop in and take a look! 

Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm (but not always)

9663 3302




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