Gothic.org.au – your guide to all things Goth and Melbourne

July 19, 2008

I had a request from the manager of a Melbourne goth club to advertise their event here – however, since by their very nature gigs/clubs are intermittent and changeable – I couldn’t hope to maintain a consistent resource on gothic nightclubbing or events in Melbourne.


However, there’s a forum/website which does this most ably: http://www.gothic.org.au.  There are forums for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. The Melbourne forum  contains a gig guide, music guide, arts and crafts postings and lots of general being gothiness/alternative.   

So if you’d like to know what kind of alternative/goth events and meetups are happening in Melbourne at any given time, or even just discuss alternative fashion, hairstyles, debate religion and politics or find out about a new band or ten, go to gothic.org.au and see what’s on offer.



  1. my life fades,the vision dims…actualy;does anyone here understand a fellah that drives a hearse and loves to drink beer and play video games??oh,lament lament!martin

    • Beer? What is this beer? :]

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