2009 Lego Exhibition! January Long Weekend

January 23, 2009


Damn! We’ve only just found out about this but:  The Lego Exhibition is on this weekend in Melbourne! 

Details below – 



2009 Brickvention.

                          Brickvention is Australia’s premier LEGO convention.
Brickvention  is a convention for (AFOLs) adult fans of Lego. The focus being to have fans bring their favorite creations, often referred to as MOCs (aka My Own Creations), to display and share with fellow enthusiasts.

Like other conventions it offers workshops, presentations, special events and challenges.

The event celebrates the coming together of the fan community that has evolved as a result of the Internet and exploring and developing the Lego hobby.
The 2009 Brickvention will be held over the Australia Day Long Weekend (January 24th to 25th)in MelbourneAustralia.

 – Saturday 24th of January is for registered attendees only,

 – The Public Expo is open to everybody on Sunday 25th of January, 2009.

We’re all really excited about the event and can’t wait to meet lots of other AFOLs from all overis open to everybody. Australia and around the world.


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