Pinball Faith – First friday of the Month @ Bumper Action, South Melbourne

April 5, 2009

Last Friday I had a blast of  infectiously genuine, value-laden entertainment.  I – and many many others from age 5 to 55 – went to Pinball Faith at Bumper Action on City Road and gave them $20 of my hard earned readies, and in return received licence to flip, tap, click and tilt for 4 heavenly hours. Not to mention also receiving free pizza slices, a free can of soft drink and chocolates thrown into the crowd.  This is entertainment free of cynicism, free of marketing hype, simply presented for the pure love of pinball – and I thought it was hugely, truly, epically ace!

There are a whole showroom of machines in unlimited play – at least 40 machines at any one time, and in addition to pinball includes arcade and table top games, foosball, driving games and more.  The machines rotate monthly.

Detractions:  it gets really busy, and is very top heavy with families and hyper children on a sugar high.  Don’t assume you’ll get any pizza or get used to fighting the rabid children for one.  Sometimes the games are all taken and you have to loiter, casual like.

Brilliances:  scrabbling with tykes for free fun size chocolate.  the drinks girl who comes around with a tray of cans, the fact that you can byo alcohol, the sheer winningness of unlimited pinball on a huge range of machines from antique to contemporary.  The friendly uberpinballnerd staff.  The fact that everyone just seems to be there to enjoy the pinball and have some seriously mechanical fun.

Their website with the details.

Pictures here:
Join their mailing list to be notified of the next date.

This event is a total win if you like gaming even one small iota.


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