Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2009 – Saturday May 9th

May 2, 2009

It’s on!

Three Thousand Magazine provides the following details for eager droolers, lurchers and blood dripping brain eating undead types who want to join the mutant hordes of shufflers:

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2009

Starts at the Carlton Gardens, Cnr of Rathdowne St and Victoria St, Carlton.

Sat May 9, 1-4pm
The horrific horde of flesh eaters that annually culminate in the CBD in search of BRAAAAIIINNS will depart the Carlton Gardens and head down this path: La Trobe St, Swanston St, Southbank, Crown Casino. (Not sure how many brains they will actually find at Crown Casino, but whatevs). Once this war path has been tramped, Roxanne flings open its doors to host The Official Zombie Shuffle After Party (from 5pm) for all those monstrous freaks who feel the urge to continue wreaking havoc upon the night.


EDIT:  10 05 09





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  2. To any and all who joined the 2009 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, you can find a bunch of snaps here:

  3. Can’t wait. This will be my first (I didn’t even know it existed till a few days ago). Cheers

    “We few, we happy few, we band of ZOMBIES!”

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