Tutto Benne Gelati – Saving Southbank…

August 7, 2009

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Everyone has their own feelings about Southbank, yes? Tacky, tourist trap, overpriced, convenient, varied, hit and miss, the craft market on the weekend is pretty decent (I personally love those glass Kaleidoscopes). But rarely would you think of the Flinders St end for cuisine, what with Rockpool, Guilaume etc down the Crown end stealing all the limelight.

But Tutto Benne, the Italian restaurant on level 1, enshrines one of Melbourne’s hidden gems – the best damned gelati in Melbourne. Yes, I make the claim and dare you to prove me wrong. What makes it the best: well key in my mind is the diverse and interesting range of flavours, plus the fact that they keep the range small (12 flavours) but each one is amazing, and they vary the range up depending on the day and the season. It’s wonderful, fresh epiphenal-tasting gelati. Not to mention the fact that you can choose from regular size and baby-cup size, and even the baby cup is generous enough for a decent sized sweet. So far the flavours that have rocked my personal world include:

Pannetone (which was there yesterday 06 08 09 and I HIGHLY recommend).
Gin and Tonic
Campari and Blood Orange

plus the old favourites like chocolate, lemon, coconut, coffee, blood orange done very very well.

I can’t recommend this place enough. You’ll find it in the corner near the centre stairwell on Level 1 of Southbank, upstairs from the food court, outside Tutto Benne the restaurant. Winter isn’t normally the time one considers a gelati… but with flavours this great I’m pretty sure there’s an exception clause.

PS I owe this one to a tip from UM gastrosleuth Paul.  Cheers. 😀


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