Robin Boyd Open Houses 2010 -limited places remain

June 2, 2010

Another Melbourne Open House scheme… for the curious and the architecturally interested.  Word has it there are some limited places left in the Robin Boyd Open Houses 2010 programme for houses designed by Boyd and colleagues including:

Recent Award Winning Houses Sunday August 15

Each year the Australian Institute of Architects recognise and celebrate the best designed buildings of the preceding year. The Robin Boyd Foundation will host a public open day of 5 award winning and shortlisted houses from the Institute’s Victorian Chapter Residential Buildings award category.

Full details to be advised in July

Harold Desbrowe Annear Sunday November 14

In his first book Victorian Modern published in 1949 Boyd wrote ‘Harold Desbrowe Annear was the first Australian-born to produce original architecture, a big bluff, hearty architect, who knew what he wanted, and saw that his clients got it.’

This open day will include 5 houses designed by Annear including ‘Chadwick House’ recently restored by Peter and Jane Crone.

Full details to be advised in October

Some detail on Robin Boyd here:

Robin Boyd CBE (1919-1971) was a renowned Victorian architect, author, critic, and public educator in the 50s and 60s, a leader in Melbourne’s Modern Architecture movement, a visionary in urban design and outspoken on the ‘Australian Identity’.

He was a member of the talented Boyd family which, among others, included the novelist Martin Boyd and the painter Arthur Boyd.

Robin Boyd was not only a great architect who was passionate about good design and whose influence extended internationally – but he also ardently shared his ideas with the wider public, not just within the design community. Above all Boyd was committed to an educated nation, to the establishment of innovative ideas as a way of living in an informed Australia.

Boyd is arguably the most influential architect there has been in Australia. Through his writings Boyd inspired the general community and through his architecture he has become an acknowledged leader in the design and architectural professions.

“The best way to learn about design and to appreciate design – is to experience good design for yourself”

The Robin Boyd Foundation hosts a regular series of public open days in privately owned homes.These open days will provide a unique opportunity for people to view and experience the design qualities of some outstanding buildings.

The Open days include buildings designed by Robin Boyd together with the work of Boyd’s colleagues and contemporaries, the work of Architects whose work Boyd admired; and the work of recent and currently practicing Architects whose work continues to demonstrate the benefits of good design.

Check out their website for the full programme and current available places.


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