Der Raum – Winter 2010 Cocktails… dinner and dessert in a glass

June 17, 2010

From coffee science to cocktail science:  Matthew Bax’s extraordinary boundary-pushing cocktail den needs very little introduction.  Still sporting the same dark, haphazard look, the same massive Absinthe list, and the same gung-ho approach to pushing the definition and rituals of what we call ‘drinking’,  the Winter 2010 cocktail menu looks just delicious.  And intriguing.  From bunsen burners, smoke machines, dry ice, jam jars, beakers, freeze dried liqueurs, wood smoke:  you really never know what will greet you when you order a cocktail at Der Raum!  And that is part of the excitment: not just ‘will it taste amazing’ but ‘what visual treat am I in for?’ or ‘what odd implement will I need to utilise?’

Read all about Der Raum on their site here, but in the meantime, take a look at what is in store for Winter!


Der Raum Winter Collection

Following a brief dalliance with Autumn, the Der Raum teams attention has now turned to Winter with owner/executive bartender Matthew Bax recently hosting a month of creative sessions filled with flavour profiles from the darker, more warming end of the cocktail spectrum.

For your consideration…

Saffron Sake. Dubonet. Pressed Citrus. Palm Syrup.
Artisanal Winter Aromatics.
Gentle reassurance for those who got the cards, but not the luck

Elijah Craig. Lemon. Bittermens Mole Bitters. Cabernet & Sweet Port Fog.
A progressive interpretation of the famed New York Sour

Roast Butternut Pumpkin Rum. Spiced Ginger Gel. Maple Syrup. Port. Angostura Orange Bitters.
Roasted savoury aromas paired to sweetly spiced highlights.

Compass Box Asyla. Thyme. Palm Sugar. Almond & Dark Chocolate
Terra Firma.
Earthen aromas conjuring the winter soil

El Senorio Joven. Luxardo. Spiced Dark Chocolate. Chilli. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Hot White Chocolate & Tequila Foam.
A nitro whisked tribute to the Oaxaca desert chocolateatole


They also run Degustations:

July Cocktail Degustation.
Monday 26th July, 8:00pm onwards. MTS members $65, Guests $90.

With our degustation evenings acting as an invaluable tool in our development process, we are delighted to announce our upcoming July event.

Displaying our constantly progressive techniques and presentations, the evening aims to allow guests an intimate insight into our award winning bar teams’ ongoing evolution.
With tickets always in high demand, pre-bookings are essential. Please call (03) 9428 0055 or email: enquiries@derraum.com.au

Contact details: 438 Church St, Richmond, VIC  ph. (03) 94280055

Open Mon -Sun 5pm – 1am


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