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Sweet Streets Stencil Art Festival, 8 – 24 October 2010

September 28, 2010

It’s always interesting when the underground somehow makes the establishment… and you wonder what is lost and what is gained in that transaction.  That’s certainly the case when it comes to street art.  I remember a conversation on a train, a couple of years ago, between two stencil friends, one of whom was a stencil artist.  Another friend was currently serving time for his public defacement of buldings – ie stencilling.  However, this same friend’s work had just appeared in a new Melbourne City Council approved book on Melbourne’s stencil art.  There’s the rub, don’t you think?  Especially with this medium – people can endorse the product, legitimised and comodified, made respectable, but not the method, or the medium.  It’s an interesting tension.

And where better to ponder the issue than at a Stencil Art Festival like Sweet Streets.

From their website:

Welcome to Sweet Streets 2010, proudly presented by Melbourne Stencil Festival in conjunction with the City of Yarra & 3RRR.  Our festival celebrates & embraces the diversity of street art. Discover why Melbourne has a global reputation for these art forms through our extensive list of events, and happenings which will take you on an unforgettable journey that you will want to share with all of your friends. Our sponsor partners & wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, artists &  supporters are proud to present a dynamic and diverse 16 day festival (8 – 24 October 2010) which showcases the very best of contemporary urban and street art culture.

The calendar of events is here:

With the opening and awards show happening at 1000 pound bend on October 8th.  More info here:


The Melbourne Browncoats

August 30, 2010

Too late to prime you for Joss Whedon’s flying visit to Melbourne for Writers’ Festival, I can only hope you were able to find that choice morsel on your own… but for Whedonverse devotees now feeling short of a Buffy Bonding session, fear not!

Melbourne has its own semi-official Whedon Fan Club in The Melbourne Browncoats.

Their website describes the following:

About Melbourne Browncoats

Welcome to the new home of the Melbourne Browncoats! This is a place for fans of Joss Whedon’s television series “Firefly” and movie “Serenity”, as well as other projects involving cast and crew of the Whedonverse.

For the past few years, we’ve been building a Browncoat community under the banner of Browncoats Downunder. And we’ve had a blast! Hosting pub nights, supporting the annual “Can’t Stop the Serenity” charity events and running a Browncoat Booth at local conventions.

And there’s more fun to come! We’re getting back to our roots and focusing on meeting local people at local events, hence the refinement in our group’s name.

We invite you to poke around the site, check out photos of our past activities and learn about what we’re up to next. And if you find you want more, why not join us? This is an all inclusive group, and there are no fees to join. Just come along to events which take your fancy, join us on Twitter and meet some of the wonderful folk that make up Melbourne’s Browncoat community.

Twitter: @MelbBrowncoats
Facebook: Melbourne Browncoats

As you can imagine, the Whedon Visitation was possibly the zenith of 2010’s Browncoat activities, but there will be plenty requiring a serious debrief and withdrawal-redressing any time soon, so check out their facebook/twitter/website and, if you find yourself amongst the saddened Serenity set – join on up!


Peril Underground – now on Facebook for your convenience…

August 16, 2010

It is pretty evident that many of you who would like to contact Peril Underground aren’t sure how to do so.  Obviously their phone number is in my post.  But if you prefer the Power Of Teh Interwebs they have a facebook page here:

Please address any queries about stock, opening hours, consignments, clothes, music, tattoos…etc etc direct to Peril Underground via the Facebook page or phone number…



CERES Sustainability workshops – convert your car to electricity! 29/08/2010

August 11, 2010

Not the cheapest of weekend events, but with the cost of oil set to increase exponentially over the next ten years, it is something we could all begin to consider.  There are definitely issues with the ‘dirty’ electricity generation in Australia which will also hopefully be addressed within this time.  But for anyone interested in giving electrics a go?  Try Ceres.  They have quite a few Workshops going, which are also listed below.

Find out how you can convert your car to electric!

The CERES Electric Vehicle Conference is a day for learning everything you need to know about starting your own EV conversion project.

Meet the people already involved in EV conversions, find out how you can get involved in existing projects, or get the facts on starting your own EV project.

Spend a day with Australia’s top EV conversion experts and learn how easy it is to convert cars to electric drive.

Tickets $150

CERES members $140

Group bookings of 5 or more $110

Students and Concession Card Holders $90

Tickets can be purchased from the CERES Visitor Centre


Tel: 9387 – 2609

Address: Cnr Roberts and Stewart St
East Brunswick, VIC 3057


Sustainable Home Workshop Series start 7 August 2010
A new series of Sustainable Home Workshops will be run at the CERES EcoHouse, from August to November – Saturday afternoons 1.30pm-3.30pm. Learn how to reduce our environmental impact at home – everything from  ‘Insulation and Glazing’ and ‘Green Cleaning’ to ‘Buying Green’, ‘Living your Choices’ and ‘Sustainable Design and Renovation’.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances is on Saturday 7 August 2010 from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.
Check our website for full details
Bookings essential contact CERES Visitor Centre on 9387 2609

The sound we make together Melbourne –
Harrell Fletcher project kicks off Sat 14 august

Come along to a special program of events as a preamble to the exhibition Harrell Fletcher: The sound we make together (Melbourne), 11 Sep – 30 Jan. Hear from all groups participating including Robert Larocca talking about CERES.

When: Saturday 14 August, 10.15am–1pm
Where: Theatre, The Ian Potter Centre NGV Australia Federation Square
Cost: Free
Go to: for the latest.
Bookings: 03 8662 1555 and more information

CERES Global – India Travel Program 2011
Discover a different way to travel
CERES Global Trips to India, Indonesia and East Arnhem Land provide the opportunity to experience and share in the impressive environmental and community development work carried out by village communities.
Come along to the CERES Global information sessions for the 2011 India Travel Program and learn about community engagement in key areas
Schools (English)                 ;   Thurs 5 August 2010
Women’s Self Help Groups   Thurs 19 August 2010
Health Programs                     Thurs 26 August 2010
Environmental Education       Thurs 2 September 2010
Where: CERES Eco House (Lee St, East Brunswick) from 6 – 8pm.
All welcome – yummy, vegetarian, Indian inspired food and drink provided.
To RSVP contact: Vanessa at
for more information about CERES Global Travel Program visit

Weaving our way back
When: Saturday 28 August 6 – 9pm
Where: CERES Learning Centre
An evening of woven storytelling, fire-side chats and an exhibition of images and woven sculptures created during the recent CERES Global trip to the Yol?u homelands of Mäpuru.
Entry by gold coin donation. Proceeds go towards community projects in Mäpuru. Drinks at bar prices, finger food provided

Free Solar Power Workshops offered by Solar Shop Australia
Solar Shop Australia invites you to attend a FREE Solar Power Workshop to explain the rewards of going solar. Bring an electricity bill along and find out how you can eliminate your bill, become carbon neutral and even earn money in the end. Learn how solar power works, current government incentives and the different technologies available on the market.
Where: CERES Van Raay Centre Room 3
When: Wednesday 18 August
Afternoon Session –    1:30pm
Evening Session –        7:00pm
Please RSVP as seats are limited. For more information contact: Matthew Owen Ph. 0404 890 323 or email

Organic Vegetable Gardening with Justin Calverley
When: Saturday 4 September and 11 September 2010  10am – 3.30pm
Where: CERES Van Ray Centre
Want to learn how to get the most from your garden and have an abundance of vegetables, fruits and herbs? This extensive two day workshop is designed for the vegetable gardener who wants to know the whole story. The workshop is a mix of classroom presentations and practical exercises.
$190/$180 CERES Member/Concession


Visage ‘n’ Vice Boutique, Johnson St, Fitzroy

July 14, 2010

I’m convinced that Fitzroy is on a Leyline.  Or Vlad Tepes corpse is buried there.  Or maybe it’s  because it’s on a bat flight path?  whatever the reason… Fitzroy is the Little Carfax of Melbourne, with yet another gothic boutique opening its doors. This one is interesting in that it is specialising in accessories as much as clothing, from what i can tell, and is emphasising local designers, including a few strutting their stuff at the yearly Circa Nocturna parade.

But it doesn’t end there: the boutique holds its own parades and soirees, which they advertise on their website… which also includes a webbe shoppe for out of towners.

Their website describes their wares thus:

Who is Visage ‘n’ Vice?

Visage ‘n’ Vice Boutique, specialise in alternative wear and accessories catering to all occasions, and also inclinations of individuality and self expression.

V ‘n’ V Boutique is dedicated to providing you, with cutting edge clothing accessories and giftware. Creations are available as off the rack designs and also through our custom services, we provide something unique for a wide range of alternative subcultures.

One thing that we like at VnV is that if you see an item happens to tantalise your senses, but we don’t currently stock it in your size – never fear, as we are able to order it in. Our custom service really shines with the pure custom service, which entails you – the client, creating something that is uniquely you – an extension of your identity and personality.

Although not all designers can provide custom orders, these still cover a wide range of items including, but not limited to, furniture, clothing and accessories.

Custom orders are made possible by contacting us with a request and, where possible, an in store consultation with the respective designer can be arranged for a small fee.

Our Boutique offers you quality Independent creations with a focus on independent artistians, with a predominantly Australian made range.

Some of our local stockists include the following designers:

Bone Orchard, Crypt Trash, Gallery Serpentine Corsetry, GeoMythiK, LeLash, Lyris Design, Mizzerie Debauch Accessories, Feral Fraggle Hair, Hexotica, Naughty Nights Custom Furniture, Nocturnal Flames, Manic Panic, Miss X Cosmetics, Raven Clothing, Safari Lee, Vitae, XSIV Leather, Z~ENT!TY, Milly Pilly Designs

Here are the details:

248 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. Australia 3065

Trading Hours
Monday 11:00am – 6:30pm
Tuesday 11:00am – 6:30pm
Wednesday 11:00am – 6:30pm
Thursday 11:00am – 6:30pm
Friday 11:00am – 6:30pm
Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 5:00pm
+61 (0) 3 9486 0752
Postal Address
248 Johnston Street,
Victoria. 3065
They also have a Facebook and a Myspace for you social media mongers…

Vicious Venus – Corsetry and Clothing, Fitzroy

May 6, 2010

Originally, back in the bad old days, Vicious Venus was a dedicated gothic corsetry store tucked away in King Street, in the city.  This was before anyone had ever heard of using King Street for the power of good, not Goldfinger style weevil.  Their corsets were experimental, daring, and of cult status within gothtopia: they came at a larger than normal price tag but had far better than usual workgrrlship and standards.  Fastforward a laced up fist full of years and Vicious Venus have perched themselves at the Cool end of Smith St (hang on, that’s, like, most of Smith Street now. OK let’s call it the Johnson Street End), and their in-store range has expanded from just uber-haute corsetry to a rockabilly-inspired pin up range of clothing and lingerie, and the high heeled and wedged pumps to match.   There are threads for guys and gals, bois and grrrls and even for kiddies of said bois or grrrls, and, of course, there is a small but strategic range of gifts and accessories for that goth/rocker birthday/housewarming/bah mitzvah gift.

Their corsetry isn’t cheap. It’s hand made work and the price reflects it.

Their site says the following:

Vicious Venus is the collaboration and joint vision of Australian designers Joy Liakis and Natalie Fowler. Sharing a love of traditionally tailored, couture clothing, they formed a partnership in 1994. With 16 years of pattern making experience and design skills between them, their work combines elements of traditional craftsmanship with modern textiles to create bold new designs. Their sophisticated styles are inspired by themes from ages past as well as futuristic fantasy.

To create dramatic silhouettes, Joy and Natalie experiment with modern textiles, adapting these to vintage inspired styles and old-world corsetry shapes  as readily as they do more traditional materials like brocades, velvets, lace and beading.

Their couture bridal service is unparalled in Melbourne and renowned for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail and styling. Each individual garment is laboriously hand-made, giving careful attention to even the smallest of details.

Both designers enjoy working closely with clients to create unique, custom-made pieces designed specifically for their needs. Couple these fabulous creations with exquisite jewelry and other modern accessories, and you begin to behold the full Vicious Venus experience.

Contact details:

346 Smith Street | Collingwood 3066 | ph: (+61 3) 9417 7449
155 Sydney Road | Brunswick 3056 | ph: (+61 3) 9387 5995
Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

email: form available on their website under ‘contact us’.


Melbourne Ghost and Cemetery Tours

May 9, 2009

In need of both a thrill and a chill in 2009?

Then perhaps a ghost tour or cemetary walk is just what the paranormal investigator ordered…

The National Trust of Victoria run several spooky events a year… tonight is one of their yearly full moon cemetary walks… UM found out a little too late to be of any use to you… sorry wampires,  but what we did find is that they’re also running ghost tours:

the next one is in July and is of Como in South Yarra in conjunction with a medium:

Back by popular demand, Como House is running Ghost tours in cooperation with a medium form Spookspotters.
Tour will focus on past people and events in the house. Tours begin with a complimentary glass of wine in the beautiful Ballroom and a background of Como’s residents passt and present.
Ghost tours are not suitable for children under the age of 15.
Date: Thursday 2 July 2009
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Como House
Cnr Wlliams Road and Lechlade Ave
South Yarra
Adults $30, Concession $27
Members: Adults: $25 Concession $22
Contact Details
(03) 9827 2500 or
Bookings Essential

They’re also running a regional Winter Solstice Cemetary Walk:

The Western Cemetery which has an important Aboriginal grave, fine avenues of Italian Cypress and a number of graves of Western District Squatters, was established in 1858 and was classified by the National Trust in 1997.
Notes and supper included.
Date: Friday 19 June 2009
Time: 7:30 pm – 11:59 pm
Western Cemetery
95 Minerva Rd
Manifold Heights
Contact Details
Bookings essential
Jenny Yeats 03 5255 2097

There are are also some privately run Melbourne Cemetary Tours which run once or twice a Month:

run by historian Helen Doxford Harris.  These tours are thematic and cover walks like: Law makers and Law Breakers, Medicos and Misadventures, Creative Colonists

A list of Melbourne Ghost Tours – and the rest of Australia –  is offered here:

And here, Paranormal Australia – Channel 31’s famous ghost hunters – conduct their own ghost tours, including Walhalla:

and many others in rumoured ghost locations around Australia

And for those of you that don’t want to go out in order to get ghostly – perhaps what you need is the:

Haunted Downunder Online Radio Show

And of course we’ve already featured the Haunted Melbourne ghost tour on Underground Melbourne! But we could hardly feature a Melbourne Ghost Tour page without mentioning him again.

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