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Astronomy Society of Victoria… August stargazing, membership and beyond

August 4, 2009
August Monthly Meeting
Date: Wed. 12th August, 8pm 

Venue: National Herbarium, Birdwood Ave., Melbourne 

Guest Speaker: Dr Bart Pindor (University of Melbourne) 

Topic: The Evolution of the Universe – Our Cosmic Past: The history of the Universe is perhaps the oldest and most compelling question in astronomy. Over the past 80 years, astronomers have made a series of remarkable discoveries which have given us an ever more detailed understanding of the evolution of the universe. Our latest discoveries even give us a surprising hint of the future which awaits our distant descendants. Bart Pindor will deliver a fascinating non technical presentation on this subject that will be suitable for all to digest as he answers the ultimate questions of Love, Pain, the Universe and Everything! 

All are welcome, there is no cost and supper is provided. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

Special Reminder: The ASV Library is now open following the meeting, as well as the usual opening prior to the meeting.  

Perry Vlahos, President



New Astronomers’ Group intake
If you are thinking of joining the August Intake of the New Astronomers’ Group (NAG) it was already 2/3rd full at the start of July. Applications close on 06th Aug so be quick. There are four Intakes per year in Feb, May, Aug, and Oct for this 12month course.

To find out more visit the “What is NAG” and “How to join NAG” pages of this web-site.
To apply send you ASV membership details to:


Wunderkammer – Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

January 3, 2008

Aaaahhh Glorious Wunderkammer.  Jewel in the crown for collecters of the strange and priceless.  The ultimate Cabinet of Curios, this tucked away gem is a must visit for anyone with even a slight interest in oddities.  It’s not a very practical shop (although you could use some of their bones and fossils as paperweights) but it is a very beautiful one, and caters for collecters of the unusual in many different fields. 
On display there are: bones and fossils, scientific marvels, antique medical equipment, astronomy tools – particularly antique and antique reproduction, stuffed animals, mounted butterflies and insects and odd tomes.    You’ll definitely see items here you’ll never find anywhere else, and frankly the visionary behind Wunderkammer truly classifies as Mad Genius for constantly sourcing it all for what must be a most intriguing list of clients.  If Bernard’s Magic Shop can give you a temporary sense of playing at magician, carny folk or magic, Wunderkammer can really show you artefacts from these subcultural vaults. 
The Wunderkammer website:  has more info about the shop although it is, sadly, rarely updated. 
The best thing about Wunderkammer:  the astrolabes, antique scientific glassware, scientific wonders.
The downside:  it’s not overpriced for what it is, but there will be many more things you want than you can afford, guaranteed.

439 Lonsdale StreetMelbourne, Vic, 3000Ph: 03 9642 4694Fax: 03 9642 4695Opening Hours:Tue-Fri 10AM-6PM

Sat 10AM-4PM 
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