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Allsorts Bookshop: A win for electronic music g33ks

June 6, 2009


Ph: 94827930
Open 7 Days a week (12 – 6pm)

Word has reached this blog that there’s a great new secondhand book shop that has been opened by long time Clan Analogue supporter & Frostwave effects innovator Paul Perry. If you are technically minded there are heaps of books on Electronics, etc. He also has lots of books on Synthesizers and other electronic music related items. The shop just opened, so get in quick.  Alot of these books you just never find in most book shops.  If you are a Sydney person feel free to call him if you are after a particular book. He has alot of those 80’s books aimed at electronic musicians covering Midi, drum machines, sequencers, etc..


Polyester Books – 330 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

December 30, 2008

Polyester Books – “the world’s freakiest bookstore”.  

Aaah the memories of being a wee lass and seeing my first mind-boggling dose of counter culture for the first time:  realising that not only were subjects like street art, tattooing, fetishism, the occult and alternative music things that other people were interested in, but they were taken SERIOUSLY!  And people wrote BOOKS about them!  The jolly all round squee-ness of realising that there are communities open to dissenting views and that you can be educated about them… well, let’s just say it warms the cockles of this slightly more grown up and savvy heart.  

Polyester Books is indeed a paradise for the profane, a haven for the heretical, a counter cultural cornucopia.  As their website shows, the topics you can browse through at Polyester include:  Globalisation, Freaks and Tattoos, Mind Expansion, Satanic/Witchcraft/Magick, Pop culture, True Crime and ‘Weird Shit’.  Of course, this also means you can purchase from their website too, but a visit is definitely worth your while, what  with their charismatic staff, often great music selection and the ability to leaf through some of these titles to read and see with your own eyes what in fact they’re about before shelling out your hard earned or pressuring your open minded friends for a book on the UFOs that Ate Elvis. 

The best thing about Polyester Books – they’re totally dedicated to supporting counterculture: so much so that they’ve worn 2 brushes with the law and seizures of property because the books they import are sometimes considered rather.naughty.indeed.  And that from Norwegian Black Metal to Zombie Skinheads:  they’ve really got books on absolutely everything kinda kooky at Polyester.  Including some great local and import Zines. 

The worst thing about Polyester Books:  they should be open later – I guess there’s always the interwebs, but if this were Greenwich Village they’d be open until 4am: sometimes you don’t really want to read about satanic bondage in the whitehouse until after 1am, y’know.  seriously. 

Details in their sig above. Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-8pm.  

Subscribe to their mailing list through the website.


Esoteric Bookshop – 471 Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena VIC

March 19, 2008


 Murrumbeena hardly counts as Melbourne: closer to outer suburbs bordering country Victoria! Nevertheless, the longstanding Esoteric Bookshop definitely rates a big Underground Melbourne mention.  Formerly housed in a tucked-away arcade in Camberwell, a couple of years ago the Esoteric Bookshop picked up its’ bedknobs and broomsticks and relocated out in Murumbeena.  A veritable stalwart of the Melbourne pagan/alternative communities, David and the Esoteric Bookshop crew have been providing everything a seeker of underground ideas could want from tarot to talismans, books of shadows to black robes, altars to agates and everything in between for at least the last ten years, perhaps longer.  

 Pagan centric, but generally encouragers of anyone with an open and seeking mind, the good people at the Esoteric Bookshop are always generous with their advice, and also offer the services of a tarot reader for the confused destiny seeker.  They also hold classes and meets in their wild and fertile back garden, offering a meeting place and the chance to learn some skills for the wanna blessed-be to the gently curious and even the coven-converts. They have an online site where one can browse the extensive book and accessory catalogues, or find out about the latest meets.

The best thing about the Esoteric Bookshop: the eclectic range of books, collectables, charms, intriguing objects and of course the bright and eclectic staff and customers one can meet in there.  

The downside: could it be any FURTHER from the city>>>>>????

The Esoteric Bookshop
471 Neerim RoadMurrumbeena  Victoria, Australia  3163Telephone : +61 3 9530 4843Email 


Printed Image Bookshop – Chapel Street. Closing Down Sale

January 6, 2008

At some stage very soon The Printed Image (website)  bookshop was to be featured as an essential Underground Melbourne visit.  Unfortunately, anyone who would like to do that has got until the 18th of January to do so, as very sadly it seems the bookshop is closing down after 30 years in the biz.

A specialty photographic bookshop, The Printed Image has always had an astounding selection of titles both practical and prettily frivolous.  Titles about photographic theory and cameras rub spines with collections from every major photographer of the 20th and 21st century, with many difficult to find elsewhere titles.  

Their subject matter areas according to the website are as follows: Australian Compilations Digital imaging Fashion and glamour History of photography Landscape Monographs Native American Indians Nature Nudes – male Nudes – female Portrait Sports and travel Technical Theory and criticism Women photographers< Yearbooks

Also in years gone by, postcards – including 2nd hand antique postcards, calendars and gift cards have also been available, but the main emphasis has always been firmly on the still frame in all its’ glory.Why they’re now closing is not known, but it certainly is a shame for photographers and appreciators of photography everywhere. As part of closing down, they’re having a big sale until the 18th so if you have the chance scurry on by before the end.  Also check their website (link above) while it’s still up – there are some great links to camera clubs etc on there.

Thanks Printed Image for many great years of supporting photography and art, and you will be missed by Melbourne!!!!  

Details: 226 Chapel Street, Prahran.Ph: 9521 1244. Fax: 9521 3368
Hours: Mon to Fri – 10am  – 6pm, Sat –  10am – 5pm, Sun – closed.    


Barricade Books – watch this space

January 5, 2008


Word on the street – and on their online site – is that beauteous bastion of regional radicalism Barricade Bookshop (website)  is soon about to open up again.

  Having spent a action packed few years upsetting enemies-of-thought in Sydney Road, Brunswick and then a stint at the fabulous Irene Warehouse, Barricade went underground, and possibly under, for over a year in 2006.   Therefore, for lovers of political books  it is quite something to rejoice that Barricade will be back, as there is no Melbourne bookshop better stocked with political philosophy and the occasional odd radical extremist pamphlet or two.  Barricade specialisies in less-covered political theories (including numerous strands of anarchism) and political zines, badges and tshirts  and is a discounter for local radio station 3cr.   

It’s a fine cause, freedom of thought, and Barricade has braved all criticism and the ravages of commercial rentals to keep bringing us their haven of multi stranded manifestos.  There’s no information so far as to exactly when, but they will certainly advertise on their website when they are about to reopen.   In the meantime, something you might not know: they’ve got an online shop  for anyone who just MUST read about politics right. now.   You can also join a politics discussion group or two through the website.

 The best thing about Barricade: well, considering the new shop hasn’t opened, it’s difficult to judge.  But, frankly, one of the best things about Barricade as an entity is its’ tenacity and continued belief in providing radical philosophies and supporting freedom of thought. 

The downside: well, they’re not open again yet, so it’s difficult to know, really!    


Metropolis Books and Music – Swanston Street, Melbourne

January 5, 2008

Metropolis Books and Music (website here) is tucked away in Curtin House on Swanston Street in the city.  It’s just a couple of doors up from record store Collectors Corner, and is above beloved watering hole Cookie by a couple of floors.  Curtin House is becoming quite the culture-consumption nexus, what with food and drink (Cookie), burlesque and performance (The Toff in Town) and clothing, jewellery, books and music on level 3, including Metropolis. 
Some people might remember the days when Metropolis was in St Kilda, and for those who do the city store will need little introduction as the basic ideas behind the curation of materials on offer are the same.  For those who don’t:  Metropolis is divided into two parts: part one is a bookshop centred broadly around The Arts:  film, graphic design, music, photography, visual art, music and cult crafts.   From small colourful gifty-books about pretty nonsense  (most book shops have these, but Metropolis’ selection are prettier, odder and often locally produced) to impressive hardbacks on architecture, film directors eg Tim Burton, David Lynch, typography, photography and much more.   If you’re after a present or are a little light on the pocket, they also stock fantastic cards and postcards – eg ‘hard boiled’ crime covers on postcards, local artists work, indian kitsch and many more.  
In the other part of the store is Metropolis music, sourcing some truly obscure sounds.  A large experimental section includes an admirably large amount of vinyl LPs, featuring much Sun O))), industrial artists, breakcore, some field recordings and more.  New York No Wave rereleases, ambient, psychedelia and indie classics are also on offer – again many on cd – plus the occasional tshirt or other paraphernalia.  
Both sections sell gig tickets for numerous events, many at The Toff In Town one floor below.
The best thing about Metropolis:  many, many pretty things.  I particularly like the cult film section, but am impressed by the solid selection in visual art, photography, textiles… also the experimental music section which, since the closure of synaesthesia records, may be the most contemporary experimental available over the counter (new, particularly).
The downside: can there be a down side to great books and music?  It would be fantastic if it were open the same hours as Cookie and Toff – late night book and music browsing would be ideal.  
Metropolis Bookshop
Level 3 Curtin House
252 Swanston Street
Melbourne 3000

ph: 03 9663 2015
fax: 03 9639 0024

Opening hours:
Mon – Thurs: 10 – 6
Fri: 10 – 7
Sat: 10 – 6
Sun: 12 – 5

The Haunted Bookshop – Mc Killop Street, Melbourne

January 3, 2008

 The Haunted Bookshop website  says “Dark and Brooding” “Occult books and Tarot since 1997”: meaning that this shop has only been around for about ten years.  Not that you’d know it when you walk inside.  The decor is every fantasy/occult/gothic lover’s dream – somewhere between a Victorian Cabinet of Curiousities,  a New Orleans Juju shop, Buffy’s ‘The Magic Box’ and Harry Potter’s ‘Flourish and Blotts’ – this place looks like your legit spooky haven of all things supernatural.  Which is spot on, really, as Drew Sinton’s bookshop definitely is a haven for all things supernatural – or at least books on them plus it’s the hub of his quite famous Melbourne Ghost Tour.  

Drew Sinton – you may have spotted him as a kookster-for-comment in Melbourne Weekly, The Age or have even seen his Ghostbusting TV series on Channel 31 ‘ Haunted Australia’. As far as odd and fascinating characters go – not to mention actual dabblers with the Forces of Darkness – he is the real deal.   He runs the Haunted Bookshop as well as all the other bits and pieces above, and has stocked it wall to musty wall with books on ghosts, witches, ufos, druids, devils and the vast parade of Creatures of the Night – vampires, werewolves, etc etc.  He also sells tarot decks and juju trinkets for those who feel like a little voodoo magic (or have read too many Anne Rice books).

  The Haunted Bookshop is pretty unique – set out in a way which plays into the romantic ideas and fancies (or, possibly, unacknowledged truths, whichever perspective you have) of a Victorian period Clairvoyant’s Den or Curioe Shoppe  you really do feel as though you’ve entered more than a retail shop but a forgotten era where mysticism and magic were the talk of the town and any moment you’d be invited to a seance or Spiritualist meet.   As for the books on display – well, if you’re after the lastest Stephen King perhaps don’t bother.  But if you’re interested in reading about the veiled world of hauntings, ufo’s, the supernatural or witches – this shop has everything including rare editions of new and antique tomes.  There are books for the casually curious which will assist you to take a quick dip into this world, plus specialist and detailed books for those who know what they’re looking for.  

The best thing about the Haunted Bookshop: atmosphere plus the Haunted Melbourne ghost tour.  Plus they have both a working website and even a Myspace!!! Wonders will never cease! 

The downside:  it has odd opening hours, especially the early closes and limited weekend openings. Details: 15 McKILLOP STREET  MELBOURNE  AUSTRALIA 03 9670 2585    

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