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More cult cinema = the Westgarth takes up the baton with Cult Vault

April 24, 2011

Shadows Cinema, the Astor, ACMI and the Rooftop Cinema have all flown the flag of cult films, and continue to, for a while. Good news is that the Westgarth, that ever charming delight of old-school cinema, has joined the throng, being a perfect complement to Movie Reel for the home viewer.

Their Cult Vault series screens for $10 a ticket, and the upcoming May theme seems to be chock full of schlock for horror fans. Look at their upcoming films here:

May: Psychomania!

Return of the Living Dead [M] May 5th – 11.59pm

Purchase tickets

The Evil Dead [R18+] 13th May – 11.59pm

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre May 20th – 11.59pm

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Re-Animator [R18+] 27 May – 11.59pm


Under Ground Cinema – coming to a surprise venue soon!

April 1, 2010

For those of you who have been yearning for unusual cinema spaces but don’t like to settle on just one, Under Ground Cinema may just be the new crew for you!

Staging cinema events in an everchanging undisclosed venue, this is a cinema idea all about adventure, excitement, mystery and the love of film.

Their website explains the following:

Taking cinema out of the cinema

Underground Cinema is a secret film screening event held in undisclosed locations throughout Melbourne. It could happen anywhere; a warehouse, a forgotten ballroom, a carpark. We believe that predictable is boring – so we’ve made our locations secret and we’re keeping the films’ identity a mystery too – just to keep you guessing.

We’re not about your average multiplex experience. Arriving at our locations is like walking onto a film set, with live performances recreating elements of the movie you’re about to see. The team here believe that sometimes you have to shake things up a bit and have a little fun doing it. Who we are isn’t all that important. What we are doing is taking cinema out of the cinema and inviting you along for the ride. You in?

Their next event is on the 18th of April so if you like your cinema with a side serve of adventure and entertainment, check out an event where what you don’t see is what you get….

Date: Sunday, 18th April 2010

Time: 4.00pm

Price: $30

Dress: Backpacker

Bring: Your passport and a toothbrush

Film Genre: Comedy/Arthouse

for more details go to their website.


Shadows Cinema – Catch it before the lights go up

August 18, 2009


Six cinematic dissertations on the proposal: people ain’t no good even when they’re god.
With a selection of short subjects.

Do you miss cinemas like the Lumiere, the Carlton Movie House and the Valhalla as much as I do? Well come along to Shadows, a screening of unusual and locally unavailable films every Friday over winter. Bursting with opinions? Stay afterward for good music and a drink at the bar.

The Place:

ABC Gallery is an ex warehouse/factory set deep in the heart of auld Collingwood, now serving as a Gallery for the painter Milos Manojlovic who also serves fine drinkables and worldly wisdom at the bar.

ABC Gallery 127 Campbell St Collingwood (See map at end of post or follow link to Google Maps with street view picture of the Gallery)
Melway Ref. 2C G8

Dvds projected on to a white wall. A selection of couches and tables. A bar with reasonable prices and a coffee machine.

All of these films will be accompanied by shorts. No shorts, no film.

“This ain’t multiplex, this is gold class art house!” — David Bowie, Diamond Dogs (paraphrase).

All that for a gold coin donation?
“Holy guacamole in a bowl of ravioli!” Pope Pius XV Celestine Decree


Ufologists take note: Spiritual Cinema is here!

June 1, 2009

This is a notice I received for a cinema group with a difference… those into UFOs and conspiracy culture: this might be the cinema night for you!


Announcing a new Meetup for Truth Consciousness Cinema Group!


When: July 4, 2009 6:00 PM

Price: AUD15.00 per person

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: CONTACT HAS BEGUN 3 FILMS 1 NIGHT 6 HOURS + 316 ALIEN UFO’s Saturday 4th July 2009 @ Glitchbar + Cinema $15.00 | 6:00pm – 12:00pm Contact Kelly: 0402 509 247 |

More Information:

Join Truth Consciousness Cinema Group in a night of Alien and UFO exploration.

Front Bar: 630pm  STAR DREAMS STAR DREAMS, the movie is a precocious attempt at making definitions in the crop circle debate by illuminating various perspectives and insights gained by the major researchers in the field. This feature documentary by Genesis Communications on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia seeks to present the latest circles, for all to see, by lifting them off the fields so to speak and putting them into public imagination through the medium of television and video release and public screenings. To date, there have been almost 11,000 recorded crop circles world-wide since 1980. There is a consensus among researchers that a higher intelligence is sending a communiqué to us. How are we to respond to this? By closing up, or opening up to these remarkable phenomena at this point in human history.

Robert Nichol’s take on it: “Crop Circles are the realization of a higher consciousness presented to humanity at this time to aid in a universal awakening to higher dimensions of being.”

Main Cinema: 730pm JZ KNIGHT IN UFO’S – Understanding our brains’ connection to alien life JZ Knight’s remarkable insights on UFOs and alien contact presented in this film bring the discussion of this subject to a whole new level: 1.What is the common ground that connects us to intelligent life scattered across space? 2.How does our brain work differently or similarly to theirs? 3.How come some people see UFOs and others do not? What is happening at a neurological level? 4.What UFO technology has quantum physics unraveled? What about time and timelines of possibility? 5.What can we do to advance forward as a civilization to meet our “future Now” and reach for the stars? JZ Knight’s multiple experiences of going through the tunnel or wormhole while channeling Ramtha, similar to near-death experiences, have given her a unique framework for understanding these questions. JZ Knight on UFOs is a candid and exciting DVD presentation of her knowledge, originally recorded live at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for the Extraterrestrial Civilizations & World Peace Conference held in Hawaii in June 2006.

Main Cinema: 930pm CONTACT HAS BEGUN “Contact Has Begun” is a documentary that DCT Enterprises LLC has done on James Gilliland. James has had contact with ETs and “off worlders”. The film also covers near death experiences, orbs, and the topic of coming Earth changes. Changes that will effect each and everyone of us. This film delivers a message that will change your world. • Earth Changes – the ones the Mainstream knows about but won’t address (even though scientists present compelling evidence that BIG changes are coming in the next two years – and that’s what our benevolent ET friends are concerned about as well). • SEE GENUINE FOOTAGE OF UFOs over James’ Trout Lake Sanctuary in Washington state. • See them “power up” in response to people on the ground – and learn how you can experience this too. • Learn how to film UFOs yourself. “Anyone can do it,” says James. • See an awesome fleet of UFOs filmed over Mexico. • See experts and authors reveal secrets of ancient history…AND coming earth changes. • Learn about UFOs literally turning off Nuclear Weapons. • Get a hint from Astronaut Gordon Cooper – he chased UFOs himself. • Understand – through superb animations – the effects of ice melt at the north and south poles. • See what will happen to our planet when the sun erupts – possibly as soon as 2010. • Learn who the “good guys” are, and where they come from – PLUS see photographs of their inter-dimensional craft.

Learn more here:


Glitch Bar and Cinema – St George’s Road, North Fitzroy

February 4, 2008


Ah the cinema.  An experience where you can be completely alone and yet those flickering images on the screen are your temporary best friends – engaging your attention, asking for your emotional participation, casting the glow of disbelief suspended over your life for a small time.   What could be better than a cinema? An old cinema with character, like the Astor or the Elsternwick or Westgarth.  What could be even better than that?  An intimate cinema which plays alternative and underground films, allows people – including you – to hire it out to show your own work, has music events and even has a bar.  Glitch is indeed that very cinema.  

 Tucked away neatly in an unassuming building on St Georges Road, up a couple of blocks from Scotchmer Street on the right hand side of the road (if you’re driving away from the city).  A small sign in the window tells you it’s Glitch Bar and Cinema, but there’s certainly no large neon, flashing lights or tacky blockbuster posters to put you off.  Once you enter you’re surrounded by second hand mix and match couches and then said bar.  Follow the hallway up past the bar and you’ll come to a set of stairs which lead you up to Glitch’s 50 (maximum) seat cinema, with a floor to ceiling screen and normal cinema seating in rows.  The sound is great, the screen is proportionally huge and the entertainment always interesting.The Glitch Cinema also has a website which tells you about upcoming screenings, so you can decide before you show up whether that Trotsky Retrospective is quite what you were after.  An ever rotation selection of films, festivals and music events from groups like Clan Analogue and more  are paraded there for your eager eyes. 

The best thing about Glitch Bar and Cinema – you will see local and underground film there that will never make it to the mainstream cinema and you’ll rarely see any of the dross that does. 

 The downside:  if they’re showing something quite popular you’ll really need to get there early.  Every so often, also, an eager DJ in the front room will turn up the beats enough to hamper watching your film in the ‘micro cinema’ out the back. And when that does happen it is MIGHTY annoying.  But it isn’t particularly common. 

 Details: 31
9489 9799 –

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