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Upcoming: Minsky’s Market at the House of Burlesque

March 14, 2011

☛Announcing the first ‘Minsky’s Market’ starting Sunday March 20th – 2pm, 2011 the year of the Rabbit so come and grab it at House of Burlesque where you can check out or (sell with pre arrangement) your Vintage style clothing and artwork from Victorian through to 50’s pinup at the House of Burlesque studio.

This month there’s a bevy of designers such as:

Vicious Venus
Virtual Goddess
Visage N Vice

that’s all the designers starting with V.

The super talented designer Ryan Whelan will showcase his creations – to have some non fashion Polyester will mix it up. There’s also corsets normally $120 down to $45, showgirl fans, lingerie and to tone it down Minsky will have her garage sale and wait there’s Sideshow Annie Costume Parlour.

Are you a designer or do you have items someone else would love? Send an email to

We will also be incorporating performances and parades – email if interested.

Share with friends who could sell/display their creations or would just like to check out the the market by informing them of the opening on the 20th of March 2011 starting 2pm at House of Burlesque – 397A Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065 – enter via rear of building.

Much Love and big kiss xo


Vicious Venus – Corsetry and Clothing, Fitzroy

May 6, 2010

Originally, back in the bad old days, Vicious Venus was a dedicated gothic corsetry store tucked away in King Street, in the city.  This was before anyone had ever heard of using King Street for the power of good, not Goldfinger style weevil.  Their corsets were experimental, daring, and of cult status within gothtopia: they came at a larger than normal price tag but had far better than usual workgrrlship and standards.  Fastforward a laced up fist full of years and Vicious Venus have perched themselves at the Cool end of Smith St (hang on, that’s, like, most of Smith Street now. OK let’s call it the Johnson Street End), and their in-store range has expanded from just uber-haute corsetry to a rockabilly-inspired pin up range of clothing and lingerie, and the high heeled and wedged pumps to match.   There are threads for guys and gals, bois and grrrls and even for kiddies of said bois or grrrls, and, of course, there is a small but strategic range of gifts and accessories for that goth/rocker birthday/housewarming/bah mitzvah gift.

Their corsetry isn’t cheap. It’s hand made work and the price reflects it.

Their site says the following:

Vicious Venus is the collaboration and joint vision of Australian designers Joy Liakis and Natalie Fowler. Sharing a love of traditionally tailored, couture clothing, they formed a partnership in 1994. With 16 years of pattern making experience and design skills between them, their work combines elements of traditional craftsmanship with modern textiles to create bold new designs. Their sophisticated styles are inspired by themes from ages past as well as futuristic fantasy.

To create dramatic silhouettes, Joy and Natalie experiment with modern textiles, adapting these to vintage inspired styles and old-world corsetry shapes  as readily as they do more traditional materials like brocades, velvets, lace and beading.

Their couture bridal service is unparalled in Melbourne and renowned for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail and styling. Each individual garment is laboriously hand-made, giving careful attention to even the smallest of details.

Both designers enjoy working closely with clients to create unique, custom-made pieces designed specifically for their needs. Couple these fabulous creations with exquisite jewelry and other modern accessories, and you begin to behold the full Vicious Venus experience.

Contact details:

346 Smith Street | Collingwood 3066 | ph: (+61 3) 9417 7449
155 Sydney Road | Brunswick 3056 | ph: (+61 3) 9387 5995
Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

email: form available on their website under ‘contact us’.


Charley Weaver

January 26, 2008


Charley Weaver – what a contradictory palace of curios this is! One part Gimcracks and novelties, one part overpriced ‘original’ pieces, one part genuinely unique curios: it’s certainly a difficult place to pigeonhole.  Named presumably after the 5o’s American television character famous for his shambolic shirt, hat and braces look and predictable “take my wife” style humour (although I’m really not sure why it would be named after that), Charley Weaver’s emporium has been haunting Melbourne for over ten years, first in Barkly Street,  St Kilda and now in Chapel Street Windsor. 

The thematic mainstay of this shop is gothic/horror with a token nod to wicca: from cheap statuettes to vintage couture, corsets and the occasional bona fide antique piece. Charley Weaver’s walls and shelves are over-filled with the sublime and the ridiculous to the point where it can be difficult to tell the method from the madness.  However, that’s part of the fun, and the main reason to visit Charley Weaver (apart from the days you need to buy your gothic friend a present) is to explore their eccentricity laden nooks.  It can be like walking through a Tim Burton theme park put together by Ed Wood in some ways, as limply camp as the Luna Park ghost train but with a heavily theatrical ‘gothic’ sensibility.  Noone but Charley Weaver would try to exist just selling this schtick.  I say good on them for keeping goth just a little bit gaudy. 

The best thing about Charley Weaver:  the unpredictability  and the camp.  Occasionally there is a covetable piece in there, with special mention to corsetry and what they call ‘museum pieces’ and the chase is always a motivating force to poke one’s nose in a store.

  The downside:  unless you have a lot of gothic friends who secretly love a knick-knack, this shop only bears limited repetition: once every month or two seems to be plenty often enough to see the stock change and be ready for this particular brand of distraction.  However there really are sometimes interesting pieces on offer in jewellery or decor: eg they do have from time to time some impressively classic looking gargoyles to hang on your wall.  They do also stock some handy staple items like fishnets and hair colours. The following is what Charley Weaver state on their (extremely dodgy  1995 interwebs chic – check those gifs! ) website is their stock range:


ADDRESS: 38a Chapel St. Windsor, Vic. 3181 (Melbourne, Australia)
PHONE: (03) 9529-GOTH (That’s 9529-4684 if you’d rather use numbers!)
FAX: 9534-5090

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