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Synesthesia Garage Sale – 26th Feb, Brunswick

February 16, 2011

Not your ordinary garage sale, this is being hosted by some of Melbourne’s music luminaries:

Mark Harwood of infamous experimental record store Synaesthesia,  the Laser King himself Robin Fox and many more.  Even if you’re not in the market for bits, this curious assortment can’t help but titillate the mind and the wallet.  See you there!

see FB entry for pic of the warehouse door!/event.php?eid=201467413203763

Location Warehouse in the middle of the street (see photo for entrance)

Sedgman St
Brunswick, Melbourne
More Info 1 day record fair / garage sale / gathering featuring stalls from Synaesthesia, Round & Round, Sunshine and Grease, The house of Robin Fox + various books and other oddities. Free entry, there will be a bar, dj’s etc…

Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival, July 2010

June 9, 2010

Liquid Architecture Festival is once more nearly upon us, with its usual diverse range of artists, spaces, media and performance.  This year, the focus seems to be on Australian artists, rather than importing a bunch of intriguing internationals, with just a smattering of imports including Japan’s KK Null.  The festival doesn’t suffer a whit from being more localised, though:  we have an astonishing amount of talent here in our own front, back and side yards.  What better way to get yourself acquainted with some of our most intriguing sonic ambassadors like Robin Fox, Snawklor, Matt Tierney and many more.

This year’s line up is available at the Liquid Architecture website:

and includes the following events:

01.07.2010 – 17.07.2010 Exhibition @ West Space West Space Gallery Melbourne
01.07.2010 – 17.07.2010 ‘constellation’ exhibition with performance interruptions @ Red Gallery, Melbourne Red Gallery Fitzroy North, Melbourne
01.07.2010 Concert One @ 3RRR Melbourne 3RRR Performance Space Brunswick East
02.07.2010 Artist talk by Lionel Marchetti @ West Space West Space Gallery Melbourne
02.07.2010 Concert Two @ 3RRR Melbourne 3RRR Performance Space Brunswick East
06.07.2010 – 17.07.2010 The Sound Playground Exhibition @ fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne fortyfivedownstairs Melbourne
09.07.2010 – 11.07.2010 Chronox installation @ Tape Projects, Melbourne Tape Projects Space Melbourne

National Academy of Music 2010 Series

April 1, 2010

Sometimes you like a little trad in yuor music, right?  Real instruments made of wood and brass and stuff… and yet: you don’t want to sit with the nans at the Melbourne Pops… you still crave a bit of edge and a nod to contemporary notions of music and art.  Seems like the National Academy of Music is offering just the ticket… in fact a series of tickets with a whole season of oddities and experimenta in music, but with just a hint of classicism for those chinstroker moments.

Check their website for a 2010 events list.


Robin Fox’s Laser show @ Toff Tues March 18

March 14, 2008

not much notice about this event, but no less interesting for it.

 I found this on a very worth melbourne blog Experimental Melbourne:

Maximum Arousal Tues Mar 18 – Cor Fuhler (Holland) w/Ambarchi/Avenaim + Robin Fox!

The Toff – 252 Swanston St. Melbourne
COR FUHLER (Holland)/OREN AMBARCHI/ROBBIE AVENAIM TRIO and ROBIN FOX’S MULTI LASER EXTRAVAGANZAMore than any other instrument, the piano has a sound, a history and a repertoire that can easily overwhelm a player’s individuality. How many times have you seen someone sit down and put his or her fingers to the keyboard only to hear a generic “piano” sound that turns the music into so much sonic whitewash? Dutchman Cor Fuhler seeks to take this classic instrument beyond our usual perceptions to another level entirely, specializing in sustained sounds thru the use of various string stimulators. Fuhler’s playing can evoke a gamelan ensemble, tone generators, percussion and strings with extensive use of electronics, such is the variety of his sounds. Tonight Fuhler will perform in trio with renowned Australian artists Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim.

Also appearing is Robin Fox in a rare multi-laser performance. A Fox laser show envelops the audience in synchronous sound and light information, the experience resembles a synaesthetic experience where what you hear is also what you see. The same electricity generated to move the speaker cones is sent simultaneously to high-speed motors that deflect the laser light on an x/y axis converting sonic vibration into light movement. Always mindblowing & not to be missed!!!

here’s the original post:


Glitch Bar and Cinema – St George’s Road, North Fitzroy

February 4, 2008


Ah the cinema.  An experience where you can be completely alone and yet those flickering images on the screen are your temporary best friends – engaging your attention, asking for your emotional participation, casting the glow of disbelief suspended over your life for a small time.   What could be better than a cinema? An old cinema with character, like the Astor or the Elsternwick or Westgarth.  What could be even better than that?  An intimate cinema which plays alternative and underground films, allows people – including you – to hire it out to show your own work, has music events and even has a bar.  Glitch is indeed that very cinema.  

 Tucked away neatly in an unassuming building on St Georges Road, up a couple of blocks from Scotchmer Street on the right hand side of the road (if you’re driving away from the city).  A small sign in the window tells you it’s Glitch Bar and Cinema, but there’s certainly no large neon, flashing lights or tacky blockbuster posters to put you off.  Once you enter you’re surrounded by second hand mix and match couches and then said bar.  Follow the hallway up past the bar and you’ll come to a set of stairs which lead you up to Glitch’s 50 (maximum) seat cinema, with a floor to ceiling screen and normal cinema seating in rows.  The sound is great, the screen is proportionally huge and the entertainment always interesting.The Glitch Cinema also has a website which tells you about upcoming screenings, so you can decide before you show up whether that Trotsky Retrospective is quite what you were after.  An ever rotation selection of films, festivals and music events from groups like Clan Analogue and more  are paraded there for your eager eyes. 

The best thing about Glitch Bar and Cinema – you will see local and underground film there that will never make it to the mainstream cinema and you’ll rarely see any of the dross that does. 

 The downside:  if they’re showing something quite popular you’ll really need to get there early.  Every so often, also, an eager DJ in the front room will turn up the beats enough to hamper watching your film in the ‘micro cinema’ out the back. And when that does happen it is MIGHTY annoying.  But it isn’t particularly common. 

 Details: 31
9489 9799 –

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