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h1 – your guide to all things Goth and Melbourne

July 19, 2008

I had a request from the manager of a Melbourne goth club to advertise their event here – however, since by their very nature gigs/clubs are intermittent and changeable – I couldn’t hope to maintain a consistent resource on gothic nightclubbing or events in Melbourne.


However, there’s a forum/website which does this most ably:  There are forums for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. The Melbourne forum  contains a gig guide, music guide, arts and crafts postings and lots of general being gothiness/alternative.   

So if you’d like to know what kind of alternative/goth events and meetups are happening in Melbourne at any given time, or even just discuss alternative fashion, hairstyles, debate religion and politics or find out about a new band or ten, go to and see what’s on offer.


Peril Underground expands CD emporium

June 25, 2008

–break (core) ing news! 

Peril Underground, already featured in this blog, has started having a massive facelift… no mean feat when you’re in the basement with nowhere to go but sideways… The clothing line has definitely sharpened up even more (plus a gussy-up of the actual clothing shelves and layout)  but the big news right now is that Australian gothic/industrial/futurepop importers extraordinaire GUP (Ground Under Productions) have now made a new home for themselves downstairs at Peril, bringing the super-dedicated expertise of Jarod Collard and the outstanding backcatalogue available through GUP in to Peril!  It certainly more than adequately covers what was mentioned as Peril Underground’s weak point: the cd catalogue. 

Just in case you can’t bring yourselves to scroll down: here are the details for Peril again:


 Address: 17-19 Elizabeth St.City: Melbourne

Contact: 03-9614 2040 

Hours: approx 11am  – 6pm daily

Still no website or email address. Although with GUP in the building it can’t be long…



The Lockworks – Gothic and Vintage Hairstylers, McKillop Street, Melbourne

January 11, 2008

Newish to Melbourne is Perth’s ‘Wildilocks’ gothic hair salon group, making the brave but much appreciated move of crossing the literal and metaphoric desert to bring their sought after hair styles and accessories to Melbourne. . They’ve opened up a new store The Lockworks super-centrally in the CBD, taking possession of a space in McKillop Street  opposite The Haunted Bookshop to offer Melbourne lovers of outrageous hair their chance to take advantage of the synthetic dreadlocks and pinup vintage styles previously only offered at their Perth salon. 
To the uninitiated, let me reassure you that synthetic hair is a science and an artform unto itself.  Wildilocks have made quite the reputation for themselves by sourcing or making and then styling synthetic dreadlocks and hair into wild and wonderful styles.  The picture above should give you some indication of what they’re capable of.  Add to this their a-little-less-wild line of vintage pinup hair styles popular with burlesque girls, rockabillies and the coquette-about-town, and you have a veritable new world of hair expression potential awaiting you up a single flight of steps.
In the contemporary emporium-stylee de rigeur with your savvy  21st century boutique retailer, The Lockworks  have added to the hair-lab a clothing and footware section, selling goth-popular New Rock boots (super stompy and big heeled), tshirts, skirts and jackets by local and international gothic designers.   The space is big enough that this doesn’t become a claustrophobic experience and of course once you’re dolled up and pretty you want new clobber to complete the makeover (or vice versa, you’ve got the hot clothes, but that hair is looking a bit passe – better fix it up STAT!) so it’s a satisfyingly symbiotic mesh of glamourising intent. 
The best thing about The Lockworks – no style is too colourful or too outrageous for these artisans of the follicle.  When you say ‘just experiment’ they’ll take you literally so if you like to be noticed or you’re up for a very new you – this is the place to go.  Add to that the clothing section – complementing Peril Underground nicely giving us now 2 city goth fashion boutiques – especially the great array of New Rocks and it’s Goth eye for the Drab Guy!
The downside: it won’t happen overnight but it will happen:  expect getting new falls or dreads to take a while – there’s no magic wand so devote an afternoon to the new you.


Wildilocks @ The LockWorksLevel 1, 382 Little Collins St[entrance on McKillop St, opposite Octane & The Haunted Bookshop]Melbourne 3000


Phone: +61 [03] 9642 3384Opening Hours:Monday – closedTuesday – 10.00am – 5.00pmWednesday – 10.00am – 5.00pmThursday – 10.00am – 7.00pmFriday – 10.00am – 7.00pmSaturday – 10.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday – closed 




Lucrezia and De Sade – Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

January 8, 2008


One of Melbourne’s more hidden boutiques stocking locally artisan made wares is Lucrezia and De Sade.  Now there may be a very good reason why the good L and D people keep it a little more discreet: that is because the wares made, many on premises, are of a particular nature.  That is to say, to put it a little more plainly,  Lucrezia and De Sade is Melbourne’s most artistic and stylish fetish shop.   Named after Lucretia Borgia and the notedly kinky Marquis De Sade, it’s a perfect name for such a stylish yet unashamedly perverse emporium.  

The wonderful things about Lucrezia and De Sade are multiple. Number one is their sense of humour.  Their window displays never fail to amuse or at least intrigue: and their Christmas displays are more essential than the Myer Christmas window any day… they visualise what many of us have wished on Santa when the credit card bills come in! 

Number two is the quality of their merchandise.  Whether you’re there to buy something seriously imposing for your normal fetishy life or whether you just want a dress up for a fancy dress party or some goth-style couture, you could do a lot worse than investing in some of the hand made pieces here.  They do nurse and police outfits (in pvc, mostly), they have cuffs, collars and gauntlets worn as much by goths and death metal bands as fetish types, they have some sexy goth cross over clothes and then there are of course all manner of fetish pieces and props.   The clothing and accessories are well stitched and seems to be made of good quality materials.  I’m not as sure about the serious goods, but from a cursory shelf glance they do seem sturdy and shiny.  I’m sure that’s a plus. They also can modify or make custom items and can work in metal, leather, pvc and more – they’re really quite clever. 

Number three: their website.  I encourage anyone to take a look at their retail store, but if you’d rather shop online and stay shy, they’ve got a full ordering system there for you. How considerate!  

 The best things: beautiful metal gauntlets and leather gloves.  Being loud and proudly a fetish shop with an emphasis on using quality materials and making beautiful objects with care.  Surviving for years with a loyal clientele in a decidedly subcultural market.

  The downside:  I don’t think I’m qualified to comment about some of their goods – but they do look very well made anyway.

 Details:441 Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065 Victoria Australia
Phone: + 61 3 9416 3826Fax: + 61 3 9416 0947


Peril Underground

December 28, 2007

So underground there ain’t no photos of it,  so just keep reading, and hopefully, one day my attempts at covert surveillance will bear the fruit I so obsessively hope for *wringing of slightly damp hands, deranged squint etc etc*.   

Peril Underground – once located on Swanston Street as Peril 305 in the days before Student Headquarters took over upper Swanston (not that there’s anything wrong with that etc) – now lurks subterranean and unique in a basement on Elizabeth Street near Flinders Street.  One enters via a laneway next to the horridly iconic  Golden Arches, where you then enter the basement on the right, descend with care down the rather unfriendly stairs (careful in stacked heels or pumps, people), and then you’ll find yourself in Alternative Paraphernalia Paradise.  Chief of the subcultural seraphim is owner Peter – a fixture of this downstairs lair and an affable and well versed fellow in alternative culture. His fair realm exhibits the following counties:

  The Tattoo and Piercing Parlour.  Often booked out and for good reason – so warning:  a casual impetuous (possibly drunk) visit hoping to be bedecked may not bear fruit. Book ahead if possible.

 Music store: featuring collectibles from teen-faves Tool, NIN, Manson etc to utterly obscure worthies like Shinjuku Thief, Laibach, Imperial marching music… with a lean towards industrial, gothic, “ebm”, metal and dark rock  this store ticks the angst-o-metre up to 11 and for anyone desiring an initial dip into the murky pool of these genres, a trip to Peril could just sort you out with your first few hours of listening!  For those already well familiar with  such sounds there’s unknown pleasures awaiting you, plus the added bonus of an extensive catalogue to order from if you can’t find it on the shelf. In the days of internet purchasing that feature may not hold such a drawcard – except in the case of the rare recordings Peter stocks… 

 The clothing emporium:  with humble beginnings as a small corner of the empire, the clothing behemoth has opened it’s silken maw and taken huge bites of the shop space, now emerging the uncontested winner and dominant area of Peril’s fifedom.  For club girls, victorian gents, cyber freaks and the casual Top Goth shopper alike, there’s gold in them thar frills…Thoughtfully accompanied by piercing jewellery, badges, patches and artwork, not to mention gig tix and -for veteran shoppers the beloved gift voucher – Peril supports local artisanship as well, with artwork, photography and clothing – plus cds of course – from the cloistered Melbourne gothic community on display to buy.  

Dvds: a small collection of cult dvds – music, documentary and film.  

Best thing about Peril: the staff! Peter and his revolving band of bon vivantes will entertain you, help you and  won’t scowl at you even if you are asking for a Tool live dvd.  Friday nights sees a cavalcade of musicians, artists, other shopkeepers and general layabouts descend for a rowdy or possibly quiet catch up… you’re still welcome to browse but you might be able to spot the Gothing ‘leet commingling…  

 The downside: the hours can be quite strict, and if not it’s spontaneously so.  Go during the day, don’t wander up after 6 expecting that because it’s alternative types they’ve got nothing better to do than entertain you in the evenings: they do. Also, they have no web presence to speak of which is nothing short of criminal… word is that they’re gearing up (only ten years too late!)  for cyberspace though, which can only be a Very Good Thing.  

 The oddest thing about Peril: they accept vouchers from other shops! So if you got a bum voucher for a present and don’t know what to do with it: take it down to Peril and try your luck trading it in for perilcash!!!

 Address: 17-19 Elizabeth St.City: MelbourneContact: 03-9614 2040 


Victorian Gothic

December 22, 2007
vic gothic
After having moved around a few times, Victorian Gothic has made a home for itself for the last couple of years in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.  Situated somewhat incongruously opposite the Housing Commission Flats at the Less Fashionable End of Brunner, Victorian Gothic is a haven of all things mesh, pvc, lace and above all, black.  Like a complete marketplace unto itself, you can walk into Victorian Gothic and come out with  a dress, boots, a cape, an umbrella, makeup, a bag, jewellery and a ticket to a gig where you can parade your new finery.  
Some of the great things about Victorian Gothic are: unlike many ‘gothic’ emporia of the 21st century, this one has stayed true to the roots of gothic couture/accessories.  While emo/metal fans can find basic staples like black trousers or a tartan kilt, Vic Gothic hasn’t compromised the more outrageous facets of gothic – you can still find your bat or spider ring, jacket with heavy rings and studs, black lace umbrella – even peacock feathers.  They’re certainly not catering for alterna-lite as their main crowd and are all the more eccentric and beloved for it.  So if Morticia Adams or Siouxsie Sue are your heroines and Pinhead or Dracula your heroes you’ll find really well made fineries here.  
My favourite items on the shelf: the black peacock feathers and well made tartan skirts.  Special mention also goes to the gothic jewellery – from the top shelf $$ end for the artistically minded, you can support local artisans here.  At the other end of the spectrum there’s the dark campery of gothic bling. 
A special mention also goes to Jacquie aka Sparkarella (burlesque performer extraordinaire) who can be found charming the pants off customers and bloggers alike a few days a week.
102 Gertrude St

Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia

+61 3 9416 1777 


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