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The Black Market next weekend 17th April 2011 – don’t miss it

April 8, 2011

…Having attended one of these, I’d definitely say don’t miss it – just for the atmosphere!¬† The black market is held along the banks of the Merri, and features stalls of all kinds of alternative pre-loveables and there is usually merriment, bands and mischief. Come for the bargains, stay for the hilarity! ūüôā

The Black Market

Yup after a little hiatus, we’re finally doing it all again – The big Gothy Garage Sale of DOOOOOOOOM! 

A nice chilled arvo under the gum trees with ya mates getting rid of all that STUFF! Open to all to buy & sell but it is the Black Market so aimed at more unusual types so the more unusual your wares to sell the better – new things, old things…it all sells!

And again we’re joined by The Resignators & for the first time joining …them will be The Kujo Kings & The Tearaways so you get to enjoy some great music for free!

Come & grab yourself a bargain by Merri Creek – with soo many wonderful things for sale you’ll have to bring some friends to carry all your new goodies home!

For those who’ve already sold their souls to sell everything else:-

Clothes – lace, velvet, pvc, satin, leather, pinstripe, feathers, band t-shirts, fishnet, brocade, tartan, sparkles
Accessories – bags, boots, shoes, corsets, hats, capes, jewellery, shawls, belts, badges, fans, wigs
Stuff – Art, books, magazines, DVD’s, pictures, musical instruments, photography equipment, kids toys, computer bits, games, vinyl, collectables, CD‚Äôs, cakes, relishes, jams, comics, bric-a-brac, antiquities, junk, munchies ‚Ķ 

BBQ on throughout the day so bring some gold coins

Goth, Steam Punk, Rockabilly, Burlesque, Psychobilly, Punk, Ska, Hippy, Emo, Metal, Cyber …lots of black

interested in a stall? please email


Glitch Bar and Cinema – St George’s Road, North Fitzroy

February 4, 2008


Ah the cinema.  An experience where you can be completely alone and yet those flickering images on the screen are your temporary best friends Рengaging your attention, asking for your emotional participation, casting the glow of disbelief suspended over your life for a small time.   What could be better than a cinema? An old cinema with character, like the Astor or the Elsternwick or Westgarth.  What could be even better than that?  An intimate cinema which plays alternative and underground films, allows people Рincluding you Рto hire it out to show your own work, has music events and even has a bar.  Glitch is indeed that very cinema.  

¬†Tucked away neatly in an unassuming building on St Georges Road, up a couple of blocks from Scotchmer Street on the right hand side of the road (if you’re driving away from the city). ¬†A small sign in the window tells you it’s Glitch Bar and Cinema, but there’s certainly no large neon, flashing lights or tacky blockbuster posters to put you off. ¬†Once you enter you’re surrounded by second hand mix and match couches and then said bar. ¬†Follow the hallway up past the bar and you’ll come to a set of stairs which lead you up to Glitch’s 50 (maximum) seat cinema, with a floor to ceiling screen and normal cinema seating in rows. ¬†The sound is great, the screen is proportionally huge and the entertainment always interesting.The Glitch Cinema also has a¬†website¬†which tells you about upcoming screenings, so you can decide before you show up whether that Trotsky Retrospective is quite what you were after. ¬†An ever rotation selection of films, festivals and music events from groups like Clan Analogue and more ¬†are paraded there for your eager eyes.¬†

The best thing about Glitch Bar and Cinema – you will see local and underground film there that will never make it to the mainstream cinema and you’ll rarely see any of the dross that does.¬†

¬†The downside: ¬†if they’re showing something quite popular you’ll really need to get there early. ¬†Every so often, also, an eager DJ in the front room will turn up the beats enough to hamper watching your film in the ‘micro cinema’ out the back. And when that does happen it is MIGHTY annoying. ¬†But it isn’t particularly common.¬†

 Details: 31
9489 9799 –

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