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Vicious Venus – Corsetry and Clothing, Fitzroy

May 6, 2010

Originally, back in the bad old days, Vicious Venus was a dedicated gothic corsetry store tucked away in King Street, in the city.  This was before anyone had ever heard of using King Street for the power of good, not Goldfinger style weevil.  Their corsets were experimental, daring, and of cult status within gothtopia: they came at a larger than normal price tag but had far better than usual workgrrlship and standards.  Fastforward a laced up fist full of years and Vicious Venus have perched themselves at the Cool end of Smith St (hang on, that’s, like, most of Smith Street now. OK let’s call it the Johnson Street End), and their in-store range has expanded from just uber-haute corsetry to a rockabilly-inspired pin up range of clothing and lingerie, and the high heeled and wedged pumps to match.   There are threads for guys and gals, bois and grrrls and even for kiddies of said bois or grrrls, and, of course, there is a small but strategic range of gifts and accessories for that goth/rocker birthday/housewarming/bah mitzvah gift.

Their corsetry isn’t cheap. It’s hand made work and the price reflects it.

Their site says the following:

Vicious Venus is the collaboration and joint vision of Australian designers Joy Liakis and Natalie Fowler. Sharing a love of traditionally tailored, couture clothing, they formed a partnership in 1994. With 16 years of pattern making experience and design skills between them, their work combines elements of traditional craftsmanship with modern textiles to create bold new designs. Their sophisticated styles are inspired by themes from ages past as well as futuristic fantasy.

To create dramatic silhouettes, Joy and Natalie experiment with modern textiles, adapting these to vintage inspired styles and old-world corsetry shapes  as readily as they do more traditional materials like brocades, velvets, lace and beading.

Their couture bridal service is unparalled in Melbourne and renowned for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail and styling. Each individual garment is laboriously hand-made, giving careful attention to even the smallest of details.

Both designers enjoy working closely with clients to create unique, custom-made pieces designed specifically for their needs. Couple these fabulous creations with exquisite jewelry and other modern accessories, and you begin to behold the full Vicious Venus experience.

Contact details:

346 Smith Street | Collingwood 3066 | ph: (+61 3) 9417 7449
155 Sydney Road | Brunswick 3056 | ph: (+61 3) 9387 5995
Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

email: form available on their website under ‘contact us’.


South Melbourne Market Fashion Night Market – Thursdays In May

April 15, 2009

Style After Dark is South Melbourne Market’s interpretation of a night market. Located along the street in the heritage magnificence of the Market’s wide verandahs, Style After Dark will provide an outlet for a vibrant local community of clothing designers and makers. Stalls will emphasise locally-designed, locally-made and collectible clothing and associated accessories, jewellery and headwear. The location is superb and well-supported by existing food and drink outlets in Cecil Street or the Market’s Food Hall. Live music and performance art. Style After Dark is a street market with a difference, Australian made, high end designers of all crafts. Quality vintage pieces and collectables.

Every Thursday in May – 5.30pm to 9.30pm.

The South Melbourne Market is located on the corner of York, Cecil & Coventry Streets South Melbourne. The South Melbourne Market is easy to get to by car, motorbike, bike, walking or public transport.

Address: 322-326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205
Melway:   Map 1C Ref E11


Devil Kitty – Brunswick St Fitzroy

January 7, 2009


From the people who have brought you Victorian Gothic for the past few years, there’s a new boutique on Brunswick Street!  Called Devil Kitty,  they’re focussing on the rockabilly/alt.rock fashion side of Vic Gothic’s range, leaving the original store to stock themselves up to the kohl-laden eyelids with more gothic clothing.  Devil Kitty is only a couple of doors away from the original Vic Gothic, meaning that if you prefer not to have to choose one style or the other, it’s easy staggering distance to shop both.

With clothing for boys and girls instore, plus accessories, handbags and shoes, Devil Kitty is an intriguing alternative to the other rockabilly shop around the corner Faster Pussycat on Gertrude Street.  The DK website has a blog which seems to be semi-regularly updated with photos and stock news.


      137 Brunswick Street
      Phone: 03 94174 911
      Opening Hours:
  • Devil Kitty Shop  

                 Monday: 12 to 5

      Tuesday: Closed
      Wednesday: Closed
      Thursday: 12 to 6
      Friday: 12 to 7
      Saturday: 12 to 6
      Sunday: 12 to 5



Vegan Wares – Smith Street, Collingwood

January 5, 2008


Fancy that – Melbourne has its own shoemaking craftspeople!  Not only that, but shoemaking craftspeople who make 100% animal product free shoes.  And the piece de resistance – these “vegan” shoes are not a hippie’s Glastonbury nightmare but in fact really well made beautiful shoes.Like the shoemakers in childrens fairy tales, the Vegan Wares people make all of their shoes themselves on the site of the shop.  Their website  takes you through a tour of the factory and gives a bit of background about why they continue to make their own shoes – quality control.  Vegan wares promise that their shoes are durable and comfy – as well as stylish – and will see out years of wear.   Styles include Victoriana, 20s shoes, even sneakers, boots for men and women including vegan Dr Martins style boots, hiking shoes and sandals. These shoes really are rather beautiful: I can’t resist putting a couple of photos below.

ErnestEstelle  Melita

They also make shoes to order, which you can arrange by contacting them at their premises or via their website. You can also modify the colours of any of their existing styles and have a pair made just for you! 

The best thing about Vegan wares:  1) the shoes are vegan – duh!   2) they’re beautiful and durable 3) they’re made right here in Melbourne.

The downside: they’re not cheap. The average pair of shoes costs around $200, which places them at the upper end of the shoe market. But they will last rather a long time unless you run over them several times with a tractor…  Details:78 Smith Street Collingwood, 3066, Australia  (Approximately 30 metres north of Langridge Street)Shop opening hours:Mon – Sat: 11am – 5pmSunday: ClosedOther times by appointmentPublic Transport: Tram no. 86 from Bourke Street Melbourne CBD, passes our door.   


Victorian Gothic

December 22, 2007
vic gothic
After having moved around a few times, Victorian Gothic has made a home for itself for the last couple of years in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.  Situated somewhat incongruously opposite the Housing Commission Flats at the Less Fashionable End of Brunner, Victorian Gothic is a haven of all things mesh, pvc, lace and above all, black.  Like a complete marketplace unto itself, you can walk into Victorian Gothic and come out with  a dress, boots, a cape, an umbrella, makeup, a bag, jewellery and a ticket to a gig where you can parade your new finery.  
Some of the great things about Victorian Gothic are: unlike many ‘gothic’ emporia of the 21st century, this one has stayed true to the roots of gothic couture/accessories.  While emo/metal fans can find basic staples like black trousers or a tartan kilt, Vic Gothic hasn’t compromised the more outrageous facets of gothic – you can still find your bat or spider ring, jacket with heavy rings and studs, black lace umbrella – even peacock feathers.  They’re certainly not catering for alterna-lite as their main crowd and are all the more eccentric and beloved for it.  So if Morticia Adams or Siouxsie Sue are your heroines and Pinhead or Dracula your heroes you’ll find really well made fineries here.  
My favourite items on the shelf: the black peacock feathers and well made tartan skirts.  Special mention also goes to the gothic jewellery – from the top shelf $$ end for the artistically minded, you can support local artisans here.  At the other end of the spectrum there’s the dark campery of gothic bling. 
A special mention also goes to Jacquie aka Sparkarella (burlesque performer extraordinaire) who can be found charming the pants off customers and bloggers alike a few days a week.
102 Gertrude St

Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia

+61 3 9416 1777 


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