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The Black Market next weekend 17th April 2011 – don’t miss it

April 8, 2011

…Having attended one of these, I’d definitely say don’t miss it – just for the atmosphere!¬† The black market is held along the banks of the Merri, and features stalls of all kinds of alternative pre-loveables and there is usually merriment, bands and mischief. Come for the bargains, stay for the hilarity! ūüôā

The Black Market

Yup after a little hiatus, we’re finally doing it all again – The big Gothy Garage Sale of DOOOOOOOOM! 

A nice chilled arvo under the gum trees with ya mates getting rid of all that STUFF! Open to all to buy & sell but it is the Black Market so aimed at more unusual types so the more unusual your wares to sell the better – new things, old things…it all sells!

And again we’re joined by The Resignators & for the first time joining …them will be The Kujo Kings & The Tearaways so you get to enjoy some great music for free!

Come & grab yourself a bargain by Merri Creek – with soo many wonderful things for sale you’ll have to bring some friends to carry all your new goodies home!

For those who’ve already sold their souls to sell everything else:-

Clothes – lace, velvet, pvc, satin, leather, pinstripe, feathers, band t-shirts, fishnet, brocade, tartan, sparkles
Accessories – bags, boots, shoes, corsets, hats, capes, jewellery, shawls, belts, badges, fans, wigs
Stuff – Art, books, magazines, DVD’s, pictures, musical instruments, photography equipment, kids toys, computer bits, games, vinyl, collectables, CD‚Äôs, cakes, relishes, jams, comics, bric-a-brac, antiquities, junk, munchies ‚Ķ 

BBQ on throughout the day so bring some gold coins

Goth, Steam Punk, Rockabilly, Burlesque, Psychobilly, Punk, Ska, Hippy, Emo, Metal, Cyber …lots of black

interested in a stall? please email


Upcoming: Minsky’s Market at the House of Burlesque

March 14, 2011

‚ėõAnnouncing the first ‘Minsky’s Market’ starting Sunday March 20th – 2pm, 2011 the year of the Rabbit so come and grab it at House of Burlesque where you can check out or (sell with pre arrangement) your Vintage style clothing and artwork from Victorian through to 50’s pinup at the House of Burlesque studio.

This month there’s a bevy of designers such as:

Vicious Venus
Virtual Goddess
Visage N Vice

that’s all the designers starting with V.

The super talented designer Ryan Whelan will showcase his creations – to have some non fashion Polyester will mix it up. There’s also corsets normally $120 down to $45, showgirl fans, lingerie and to tone it down Minsky will have her garage sale and wait there’s Sideshow Annie Costume Parlour.

Are you a designer or do you have items someone else would love? Send an email to

We will also be incorporating performances and parades – email if interested.

Share with friends who could sell/display their creations or would just like to check out the the market by informing them of the opening on the 20th of March 2011 starting 2pm at House of Burlesque – 397A Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065 – enter via rear of building.

Much Love and big kiss xo


SWAP LAND ‚Äď CLOTHES SWAP/PICNIC! Sunday August 1st, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden

July 8, 2010

Tired of trawling the Op Shops only to find that some lightening-fast Vintage Shop has got their jammy digits in there first, taking the 1950s two piece mohair suits and sixties smart mod dresses, leaving you to rifle through the late eighties stained shell-suit collection?  Yeah, me too.  Well this could be the answer Рone big glorious clothing Swap Meet! No money changes hands, meet other fans of vintage shopping and all in DIY community style.  Brilliant!

The Swap Meet crew supplied information as follows:

It’s time to bring the Swap Land community together, and cut out the middle man. Swap Land presents the first (we hope, of many) clothes swap picnic.

What happens? Bring clothes or accessories you don‚Äôt want any more (clean and in wearable condition, please‚Ķif tattiness is actually part of their charm, fine, but please bring stuff you think other people would actually want). They‚Äôll go into a central ‚Äúpool‚ÄĚ, and if you bring stuff, you can take home other stuff. It‚Äôs that simple. If you want to bring fancier/more expensive stuff, and barter for it one-on-one, that‚Äôs fine, but we do ask that you bring something for the central bank.

What to bring: Clothes, of course, but we‚Äôd love to make a day of it, so bring picnic food/drinks, and a blanket. We‚Äôd absolutely love it if (in the spirit of the day) you could bring something communal, so we can share treats as well as clothes, but it‚Äôs not mandatory. If you have a spare picnic blanket we could use to put the clothes on (we may need a few!), that would be wonderful ‚Äď you‚Äôll get it back when you go!

Clothing will range from alternative through to the usual stuff and possibly some baby clothes for the new families out there. We may try to ‘file’ it into rough categories if there’s enough.

Where is it? In the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, in King’s Domain. If you haven’t already discovered this little gem, it’s just near the Myer Music Bowl. There’s a link with directions, here:

And a map, here:

Easy access by public transport, nice and secluded. If it looks like the weather’s going to be disgusting, we will send a message to all attendees and arrange an alternative venue or date.

When is it? Sunday, August 1st, from 2pm onwards.


Steampunk Extravaganza forewarning: Clockwork Butterfly @ Thornbury Theatre, 9th October 2010

May 13, 2010

Everyone loves a bit of Steampunk, right?¬† Or so it seems these days what with every bit of technology and clothing having, seemingly, a Steampunk equivalent or adjunct made of shiny brassy retro clockwork stuff.¬† Want to find out more about how all this Steampunkery looks and works?¬† There’s a good option coming up later this year, and it doesn’t require you to show up looking like some kind of Victoriana meets Metropolis character:¬† the Clockwork Butterfly show. Deets below and more to come on their website:


Goods sale/ good sales!

January 26, 2008

Two of Underground Melbourne’s much loved emporia are on sale!¬†

¬†This coming Monday only,¬†Circa Vintage Clothing¬†will be having a warehouse sale! ¬†It lasts a very short time (3 hours) so be prompt. ¬†The early bird catches the 40’s chiffon shirt. Or somesuch.¬†


Where: upstairs, 102 Gertrude Street Fitzroy.
How to get there: enter off Young street, there’s a car park behind Circa and there you will see the door going upstairs.
When: Australia Day holiday, Monday January 28th, from 12pm to 3pm only.

What: vintage clothing from the ’20s to the ’90s Рitems from only $1!
Payment accepted: preferably cash, EFTPOS available for amounts over $20, Credit cards for amounts over $50.

Metropolis Bookstore, upstairs in Curtin House in the city is also on sale! I’m not sure how long for so go upstairs and grab yourself a bargain while you can! ¬†Apparently books are up to 75% off!

 Damn January and all its enticing bargains!!! 


Antons – dapper dreams for a drab world. Level 3, Melbourne Central

January 20, 2008

Antons  clothing is a Melbourne Must!

Have you ever visited the lofty 3rd floor of Melbourne Central? ¬†If so, have you walked past – or even dropped into – the 40s timetrip that is Antons? ¬† Even the outside of the shop tells you that this shop doesn’t belong in a chainstore mall – its coppery deco-reminiscent window frames hold what is usually some kind of themed window display using their retro-styled mannequins and some unusual props and curios: Antons’ owner is a collector of ephemera from monster and alien figurines to stuffed animals and other brilliant oddities. ¬†It’s like nectar to the eyes after row after row of bleak generic stores to see their idiosyncratic display winking brightly at you.

While Antons is ostensibly a clothing shop it s true that one’s first visit is more like a step into a film set: think Casablanca or Cairo in the early 20th century. ¬†There are racks of clothing within a 40s to burlesque style – magnificent opulently lined coats and suits for men, coquettish bustiers, corsets and skirts for women plus some ubersharp womens’ suiting. ¬† The staff are dressed according to the Anton World and are helpful and often quite gregarious: they seem happy – keen even – to absorb you into their era and aesthetic as though you were casting to be an extra in their filmic world. ¬†So, be prepared to surrender yourself to their vast Powers of Styling.

The interior of Antons is like the exterior – adding to the sense of changed-reality you feel when inside. ¬†More and more curios in hidden corners attract your eye: many from old films or popular culture you had forgotten, some others like trophies of an imperial raider. ¬†While you’re casting an admiring eye at a well cut suit or an unusual fabric, you can easily be distracted by a figurine or trinket and after a while you wonder which world you’ve walked into and why you should ever have to leave. ¬†Antons fabrics and cuts are classic and stylish and quite unusual in the 21st century, more Bogart than Beckham, more Bergman than Britney. ¬†They are considerately devoted to the full dressing experience – just like being styled for a film you can leave Antons transformed top to toe – including jewellery or cufflinks. ¬†Antons really is unique and their clothing just as much so: everything is small run and the shop also does some bespoke ¬†tailoring – just in case you can’t quite find the garment you’re looking for or the colour on the shelf doesn’t suit.

Antons is not website friendly, ¬†so you’ll need to visit to see their dapper era repro suits, burlesque corsets and tops and every other dazzling distraction in store.
The best thing about Antons: ¬†being honest, I’d have to say their eccentricity attracts me even more than the fine clothing: it’s a must passing by Antons once or twice a month to see the new window display and gaze in awe at the collectables, gaze admiringly at the staff bedecked in that day’s finery and – if time permits – to enter for a browse at the beauty of their well cut garb.

The downside: Antons is priced fairly – but fairly isn’t cheaply. ¬†It’s likely to burn a hole in your card if you go crazy so Antons is great for feature pieces or that special occasion wear. Unless of course, you are reckless or incredibly well-stocked cashwise: in which case there is no end of opportunity to invest in beautiful clothing which will last you years.

Details: ***NOTE NEW ADDRESS***

Antons Melbourne
Shop GD10 Menzies Lane
211 Latrobe Street

Phone: 03 9663 8610
Opening Hours: normal Melbourne Central hours


Circa Vintage Clothing – Gertrude Street

December 29, 2007

Circa Vintage Clothing  

What was once somewhat of a secret for Melbourne vintage lovers is now swiftly riding the information autobahn – the word is out about Circa Vintage not only in Melbourne but amongst illustrious international types. ¬†Nevertheless, I will assume there are still some poor deprived souls who love individual couture and all things retrospective and classic but haven’t heard of this most cool and cultivated of couture emporia.¬†

¬†¬†Nestled away in South Fitzroy (yes, there is such a postcode) on Gertrude Street, just up from Brunswick Street, Circa is unashamedly a specialist shop. ¬†Unlike your Retrostar/Revival type shops, it’s not a grab bag of oldish sellables, it’s a cultivated collection of wardrobe highlights ¬†from the turn of the century to (roughly) the sixties. ¬†Nicole Jenkins, the owner, is very well versed in the history of the frock and suit, and has handpicked everything from skirts, ballroom gowns, shoes, gloves, waistcoats, hats… etc etc. ¬†You’ll find deco to victorian, mod to tasteful repro and much more.¬†¬†Jewellery, cards, accessories oh goodness I can’t keep going it’s just a trip you’ll have to make for yourself. ¬†What you will definitely find is a kick in the behind re: contemporary design – it’s difficult to avoid coming to the conclusion that 50 years ago attention to detail and fabric quality was – excuse the pun – a cut above what we accept these days. ¬†Most items seem to be lined, lots of nice individual or matching buttons, beautifully finished seams etc etc. ¬†Worth a look even if you don’t end up buying anything, just to remind yourself what it was like to have clothes made properly and casts even more doubt on buying new off shore sweat shop made clothing.¬†

¬†¬†The best thing about Circa: well, basically it’s just that it’s Circa – as an entity or phenomenon. ¬†Fantastically unique and anachronistic, stepping into Circa is like stepping into some 40s glamour movie. The staff are always amazingly dressed, the music is usually period-related, the lighting, furnishings: pretty much everything is in keeping with the vintage theme. ¬†No wonder Dita Von Teese dropped in here on her way through town a year or 2 ago.¬†

¬†¬†The second best thing about Circa: ¬†unlike most vintage places around and on the ‘net, Circa caters for the Vintage Gentleman. ¬†A fair amount of actual old things – including ties and braces – ¬†but also some excellent repro to match the old things: Circa does the classy gent all manner of justice.¬†¬†

¬†¬†The downside: well, it’s not a downside but consider it a caveat. ¬†While everything is reasonably¬†priced for what it is, and some lovingly restored to former glory when brought into the hands of Nicole Jenkins: Circa is not a bargain basement. ¬†Don’t go there expecting to find something you know is worth $500 for $5. ¬†Go there to find quality vintage at a price that is reasonable but worthy of what it is. ¬† Certainly you won’t find contemporary gowns with a similar fabric and design quality for less – probably much more – so remember what you’re paying for.

 Circa Website

Fabulous vintage for fabulous people.Shop 1, 102 Gertrude StreetFitzroy, Victoria 3065Australia

Phone : 03 9419 8899 Fax : 03 9415 6765

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday11am to 6pm or by appointment.  

Summer opening hours:

For the month of January, we’ll be open just three days a week, but available by appointment at other times (please call 9419 8899 to arrange).

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – 11am to 6pm

Friday – 11am to 6pm

Saturday – 11am to 6pm

Sunday РClosed 

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